A house that you can fold in your pocket (10 Photos)

  • Julian Flynn

    Capsule Corp prototype…?

    • Guest

      Well played…

  • awoodonline

    I need this for my appalachian thru hike. It's a great light weight alternative to a heavy tent, that is until the oxygen inside runs out or a hole appears

  • Hunter X

    Inventor creates idea
    Inventor sells millions.
    Inventor gets rich.
    One homeless guy suffocates.
    Inventor gets sued.
    Inventor is homeless.
    Inventor suffocates in own invention.
    The cycle is complete

    • 2cool4skool

      Haha, nicely put.

      • Mike

        Inventor creates idea
        Inventor sells millions. AND the government bought these for the homeless with our tax money but first wanted to see a few changes so the cost multiplied exponentially since the contract was already signed.
        Inventor gets rich.
        One homeless guy suffocates.
        Tries to sue Inventor.
        Inventor is unable to be found.
        More homeless die because they think it won't happen to them.
        Fewer homless, a bunch more garbage and more tax dollars wasted.
        The cycle is complete

  • Sean

    You do know asshole is one word right dumb fuck?

  • Scuba Steve

    If it could be bullet proof, or wild dog, bear, or other scarey-animal proof that would be really cool!

  • Thood64

    does anyone else just want to hotbox the shit out of that?

  • 1manband

    Where does one find this to purchase?

  • NaTaS

    yeah I don't think that would ever work. or be able to be called a house.

  • http://www.survivalmonkey.com/forum/general-survival/31736-house-you-can-fold-your-packet.html#post199226 A house you can fold in your packet

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  • Nick

    METALLIC TRASH BAG that fits in your pocket. World changing invention.

  • AllanA

    That's gotta be a bitch folding that shit back, that's like folding your grocery plastic bags after you are done, dumb idea

  • http://www.beerwoz.com Beerwoz

    OK, Calling Bullshit on this one. House? really?

  • bobby

    piece of crap!!

  • bucknasty

    They probably dont have one of these, cause, ummmm, idk? cause they cost money?

  • jdog

    You’ll never be able to fold it right ever again

  • Anonymous

    imagine being inside it when a huge gust of wind blows through

  • Craigery

    Not all shelters are houses. You can't use those words interchangeably.

  • eyecandyforoldladies

    One of the dumbest damn things I ever seen lmfao

  • anervusguy

    In the boy scouts, we used to call that a tent.

  • http://jamesaturnkey.wordpress.com James A. Turnkey

    Amazing!!! Camping made easy.

    F rent…. Find me a nice tree near a Starbucks for free internet

  • mittens

    This was even more unimpressive than I was expecting. It's a bag someone expects the poor to sleep in. Wow, how awesome is that…

  • http://facebook.com/mav2ag MaverickAg

    Put Form. Vice President Cheney in there… what do you get?

  • jellyroll4264

    what about weather- rain, wind, snow

  • 2cool4skool

    #3 The solution was there all the time, just staring us in the face. Take the homeless out of their crappy cardboard boxes, and put them in GOLD bags! GOLD! Not only will they happily run through meadows to show their joy #2, they will also eventually suffocate when the temperatures drop. What a solution.

    On a side note, I totally want one.

  • Joe

    ok, so where do I mount the satellite dish?

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