• Curtis E Flush

    Is that Ann Veal from Arrested Development?

    • Ander

      LOL no

  • Woodinville

    He went to the movie with "a lot of Inglemoor people and some Bellevue kids." Those were my rival high schools in Washington

  • chirpin

    Growing up and learning what is important and what isn't…good times. It's amazing how little you know at that age, and how much you THINK you know.

  • Rip The Jacker

    LOL I remember my first beer…

  • emu

    hahaha so good!

  • Da Sandman

    this has got to be an all time low for the chive…..

  • pwbk

    that's my brother!

  • b_a_d_321

    2:02 = awesome! Gotta love lots of unnecessary ha's…

  • BRBarry

    I thought today was Tuesday not WTF is this shit Wednesday!

  • beermeone


  • David

    yeah you would put a question mark…. had me laughing my ass off. and who is kelly. fuck kelly. shes stupid.

  • Lusobr

    The chick playing Kelly is cute.

  • Grant

    facebook is so incredibly pointless. it really has lost its worth.

  • ike

    7th grade is a serious place. These problems maaatttttttteeerrrrrr….

  • mingowy

    Kinda like the lame ones on Funny or Die.

  • Joey

    Oh wow..they are talking about my schools haha. In Washington State..I feel so ashamed.

  • Ally


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