Fit girls for the win. (28 photos)


    #7… Gaptastic, with quads!

    • pjsupremex

      no fit girls post is complete without at least one of aubrie!

    • steve

      that's lovely Aubrie wearing Soleone bamboo!

  • luke

    #1 #14 HOT HOT

    • dedubs

      you sir, are attracted to men.

      • john doe

        the first one is nice but #14 is on a nasty combo of steroids and testosterone pills

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #28 Come to me know, I command it! please don't hurt me though…well just a little.

    • Captain awesome

      Now not know..How the fuck could you screw that up

      • Don

        It was funny until you fucked it up with bad grammar.

  • etcrr

    #28 gorgeous #5 for the win

    • Si1entStatic

      agreed, too bad the female body sees bewbs as fat deposits and shrinks them when they get fit. They need to seen as a muscle so when they work out they get big and strong too.

      edit: "as they get fit" not when.

  • SPD

    love it

  • Anonymous

    Crossfit bodies?

  • workout man

    MOAR!!!!!!!!!! Fit girl galleries!!!!!!!!

  • echogeo

    It may break off on the way in.

    • jordan

      I'll chance it……

    • MattKL

      That's a risk I'm willing to take.

  • Rusty

    #20 – Not for me.
    #10 – That's more like it.

  • Benson

    Again we need more 4

  • Anonymous

    #22 thick and sexy

  • dragonfire6

    #14 kill it with fire!!

  • Shar11

    its hot to be fit….but when you start looking like a man…it just isn't so sexy anymore…

    • dont be jealous

      we heard you the first time

      • Shar11

        lol…sorry nothing to be Jealous of I have a killer body thanx!

        • RalphLauren61

          Ummm….i'd def haveta agree 🙂

          • Shar11


  • Anonymous

    Some of these girls sure put the man in wo-man

  • Finally First


    • Don't Be a Douche

      Fail, douche

    • Tom

      Who invented the "First" thing anyway? and why do people participate?!

  • Moar!

    Yummy, god I love fit women.

  • Dan

    Nothin wrong with a little meat on the bones.

  • Melbourne FL

    #14 OMG her Vajayjay is flexing!!!!!!!

    • tLoko420

      I really hope you're a woman who just used "vajayjay" in a sentence.

  • @chaoticbeauty6

    #3 is perfect!

  • BigPup

    The reason God made abbs…

  • JFresh

    #22 has monster quads. I would love to see the gap !

    • Cat

      There is no gap with those muscles!

  • jen

    wish i had some more motivation to look like some of those girls

    • BloodScrubber

      Eat, drink and be merry. Within reason. I'm sure we'd like you to be around a long while Jen. 😉


      It is not motivation, it is choice. Choose to work out / stay disciplined, or choose to be lazy / eat bad. Either way YOU are making the decision.

  • Derpderp

    Yes to all of these, goddamit I like a fit girl! >.<

  • Bryan_W

    #19 Yowza

  • CP7

    #10 damnnnnn….

    • Jaybee

      I second that. # 10 hot hot hot

      • GamerGirl84

        She is perfect 🙂 I wanna look like that ❤

    • Underbaker

      I'm not saying anything bad about the others, but this is closer to where my preference is. Hey Chive how about a soft & curvy gallery to offset the chiseled one?

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