Fit girls for the win. (28 photos)

  • Dave

    #9 and #18 FTW. #20 hot but dont want to see muscles under your boobs

  • Scottyboy16

    #18 and #20 PUHLEESE

  • wisemx

    I approve of this post. 🙂

  • Rod

    You said Fit, not muscular. I am disappoint. D:

  • Djsan99

    7,9,10,14, 22 damn fucking legs are sexy as hell!

  • Hurt

    Fuck that

  • Matt

    Props for the hard work it takes to get bodies like that, but you can keep every last one of them. I'll take Sexy Chivettes any day of the week.

  • eyecandyforoldladies

    #26 OMG

    • Marshall

      Holy crap that's my friend from high school. No BS!

  • Anonymous

    She looka like a man. Nasty!

  • T

    9, 12, and for the love of gob, FIND 4 ALREADY! NEED MOAR!

  • from afar

    #18 – FOUND:

    Katie Barnes, I played hockey against her in high school, she was a goalie.

    She competes in fitness contests in Boise, ID.

    • the chird

      I’m calling bullshit on that…eda jayme. Someone prove me wrong.

  • Tom

    These fit galleries are by far my favorite of the Chive

  • Dont1panic

    #1 #12 #19 GLORIOUS!

    • jobrones

      i would drink a martini made solely of their body sweat. #9 also.

  • Leonel_LyL

    #9 #10

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    So hard to draw the line between 'fit and sexy' and 'take it easy, girl.'

    I'll echo the masses and go with #1 #4 #10 and #12 as the winners, though the face on 10 reminds me of Chloe from 24 (take that as a good or bad thing if you like).

  • Matt

    Love me some giant juicy jiggly yoga balls

  • Big Cat

    #1 MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chip

    I don’t get it

  • GuinessHangover

    I see you Schwartz is as big a mine- a whuuuuuuuuuu?

  • Cowboygeek

    who is #22

  • Cowboygeek

    no really, who is #22 ?

  • Dave

    # 7 #20 gross!

  • Dani Hizart


  • Jammy

    #22 Those are some badass thighs.

  • Brian Herbert

    I am so hard right now

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