Fit girls for the win. (28 photos)

  • youknowimkidding

    #28 Finally one in the kitchen where she belongs.

  • Drew

    Except for the awkwardly muscular ones, these fit albums are awesome and you should keep doing them

  • Woody543

    #1 #4 #7 #22 are all smoking, but the win goes to #10 MOAR MOAR MOAR

  • Donz

    This is gross

  • Waty

    What a knock out!

  • beauty&braids

    #10 is a one sexy and sweaty beast!!!

  • Jakester

    I have a fear boner right now

  • Anonymous

    #14 needs to grow some tits

  • BadaBoom

    #14 manly chest and man hands… No thanks

  • Kimmy

    What's scrawny Kelly doing on here?

  • logan

    #19 is definitley the best #20 no thank you, i prefer boobs not boob muscles

  • bstone9928

    #1 #11 #12 #18 #28

  • dan

    $5. I want to be the ball

  • DANO

    Chive you best quit the gay advertisements or I’ll quit you.

  • Anonymous

    Except for #12 who seems to have an eating disorder, this is an awesome post! Fit & energetic is a lot more fun than super-skinny & tired.

  • Firefighter8

    #10 is a 10! I need more, or a name

  • Chi-town

    MOAR of #10 FIND HER NOW

  • Anonymous

    #15 is just plain gross #19 is the tits. Literally

  • Yabba

    Lots of hotness with great guts such as #11 and #26.


    notice how you chicken shits dont have any FIND posts, ya this page renamed Girls who can kick your ass!

  • buckinut51

    As long as they would let me, I would give them all everything I possibly could!

  • Mellow

    Dear Fit Girls,
    Thank you.

    Fit guys everywhere

  • purvieWRX

    #24 is joke right?

  • MattKL

    These are some of my favorite posts. I LOVES me some fit girls. A woman who takes care of herself is mind-blowingly sexy. Especially #8 #9 #19 and #22.

  • jonstotts

    Id fear one of them would snap my dick off….i like em with curves

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