I miss college….(60 Photos)

  • Teutonicebonic

    #20 – Are those guys saluting Hitler?

    • TJD

      It looks that way…college douche's

      • BlackwellUND

        The quote is from super troopers when Thorny takes his glasses of while mac is driving by in the miata… Jeez

    • Armed Ann Dangerous

      They are, and then idiots. Read a book, dumb asses. Learn something, not just shock value.

    • Ren

      They go to the University of Kentucky…………'nuff said

    • ImNotKyle

      I thought they were just looking for kyle…

      • wvu

        TheChive shouldn't support ignorance

    • Loolatsch

      Guys with a sign of germany?…must have to do something with Hitler.

      I thought about a whitty comment on that, but it is just too dumb!

    • GRUBER

      Heil yeah!

    • zimzum

      Kappa Kappa Nazi

    • dumbfounded

      okay im missing it…looked over and over again. what nazi/german/whatever sign/salute?

  • Mr. Magoo

    Not First

  • sotirisk7

    #56 The throne…

    • TracerBullet_PI

      Is it better to be a ruler of shitty light beer, or a servant of microbrews.

    • Wet_tosti

      Forever a throne!

    • CEngChiver

      Wait there are other Carleton Chivers?!!! I thought I was the only one!

      • sotirisk7

        Lol i'm a Greek chiver… i don't know any other…

  • McDouche

    I love tits

  • Dave

    Not saying first because your a top Chiver.

    • Johnc


    • Mouse209

      We love all fellow Chivers. But we'll love you MOAR if you can do your fellow Chivers one favor by visiting this page before your next post. Thank you. And have a nice day. http://esl.about.com/od/grammarintermediate/a/con

      • Dave

        Hell no. Everyone knows their are nothing but douchebags on that site.

  • drewsmalley24

    #59 find her

    • no one

      Kasia… google

    • JDB

      Dear lord, what I would give to have that waiting for me.

    • TLSBB1

      yes i agree

    • Jeff

      Sweet baby Jesus

  • jrey81

    #29 & #36 ah Collegiate Duckfacing… still hot though… #51 is just pure talent.

  • spicticus

    Never saw #5 or #29 at my college. Where the hell was I?

    • Still_MisGuided

      prolly masturbating

  • Guest

    So Kasia went to college?!

    • b.u.t.full

      yup it's called face down ass up university.. or fdauu for short

  • waaaa

    say gurrr lemme pee in that butt

  • Ballyhoo

    Need mor of 59 now please find her

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #4 Hey would you happen to have any jello shots?

    • respect

      made 350 for superbowl and was proud, this is easily around 1100. amazing

  • hank jackman

    #45 chick on left is DTF

  • TracerBullet_PI

    #42 The N64 will always be the greatest party system to ever exist. I'm sorry but Wii bowling does not compare to the sheer awesomeness and intensity of Mario Kart and Goldeneye.

    • CHIVER X

      Smash bros FTW

    • bisonbade

      You are forgetting super smash brothers…many a night was spent on that game

    • dochandy

      hard to go wrong with that system.

  • http://theflintskinny.blogspot.com/ TheFlintSkinny

    #59 Oh what I'd give to be the roommate taking the picture.

  • Mike Hunt

    suddenly I want to go to arizona

    • Mike Hunt's mom

      i want you to go to arizona too. anywhere as long you move out of the basement.

  • Rick

    HA Ha ha, omg that is soooo funny!

    Your roommate will be really pissed.

    Newspapers… that is just pure genius!

  • Anthony

    #24- Great! A transvestite beer funnel.

    • BadIdea

      That guy loves the cock!

    • duh

      nice try … the valve is closed though …

    • Twigfinger

      You're sucking a cock……..no, really.

    • Dave

      Chicks with spigots!

    • biggles


      i wasn't sure if they should trust their friend on sleepovers, with ruffies.

    • choppers

      looks like one of The Chives Asian "surprises"

  • AmBush_Steve

    I'm 48 and will be hitting college for the first time next fall. I can't wait!

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    "Our winning state lottery numbers tonight are, #15 #29 #36 # 40 #45 with Bonus Ball #59!"

    • Muadieb

      #15 Liking the Mexican!

    • biggles

      arizona state girl on the right for the orgasmic (if you can land it) win!

  • Chris

    #24 the song lyrics "Dude look like a lady!" spring to mind…

    • shwan

      looks like you are blowing a tranny.

    • Kimmy

      That doesn't look like no vag…

  • carl

    #60 … David Blaine?

    • Roommate2


      • outsidetheboxscore


  • Mr. T

    #33 really cool… too bad people can't keep their mouths shut.

    • MonkeyMadness

      For one thing, who cares where the boxes came from, they didn't have to know. Another thing, why the hell would they make them take it down?

      Lastly, just keep your damn mouths shut!

  • KyleD


    For some reason I don't think she went to college.

    • jim

      She went to the College of Hard Cocks.

  • SweetAwesomeness


    I must go, my broken vertebrae needs me!

    • SweetAwesomeness

      i meant #1 damnit….let the thumbing down commence

      • 3roi

        funnier the first time.

        • debaser


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