KCCO, Chive Logo, and new D.A.R. Tees Available Now!

save for tees KCCO, Chive Logo, and new D.A.R. Tees Available Now!

After a two month absence KCCO and the Chive Logo Tee have finally returned right here in men’s and women’s sizes.

We also have the long sleeve Logo Tee available here.

Today only, all our most popular Banksy designs are $15. BAM.

And we have a (very) limited supply of the new Chive D.A.R. shirt up for grabs right here.

USUAL DISCLAIMER: None of these shirts are going to last long. Good Luck!

UPDATE: D.A.R. Sold Out. KCCO and Logo Tees will be gone in minutes.

UPDATE #2: All men’s and women’s sizes in KCCO, LOGO, and DAR are SOLD OUT

  • dagleja3

    Woot!! Got mine

    • Kevin

      Men's Large sold out in under 200 seconds! :O

      • The_Dood

        Oh how I love being skinny. One day I decided to order a BFM. And sure enough, they had mediums in stock. That was the first time I ever even tried. Either I got lucky or demand has skyrocketed… It was only a few months ago.
        If I remember correctly, the next time I checked on them (a day or two later) they still had smalls in stock.

    • that guy

      i couldnt get 2 kcco in XL. but i got 1

      • Suckers

        Honestly people who buy these shirts are losers and should really reconsider their lives!! Really buying KCCO tee-shirts? What a bunch of nerdy losers

        • Ivy

          I would rather be a nerdy loser, than a bitter ass hat who calls everyone else a nerdy loser.

          • Shut it


            • Elton John

              Agreed. Even I think they're a bunch of cock-suckers.

            • Ivy

              Really? Thanks for noticing, I try.

        • http://twitter.com/theterryburke @theterryburke

          couldn't get one could you?

    • Sam

      BEST. DAY. EVER.

    • Underbaker

      What up Chive, no 3X? What you got against us large people? Your 2X shirts fit more like a small XL.

  • Tess

    fuck that was tense

    • Squirrel_Bait

      I agree!

      • Idiots

        You're both pathetic to even want one

        • UGTP

          You're pathetic for taking the time to reply to a response you can't even see… cheesedick…

          • 3roi

            no. they're more pathetic.

  • jen

    and my boyfriend will actually get a present for me this Valentine's day

  • Squirrel_Bait

    Just bought mine!

    • reaperMEDIC


      Your 200th Like on Facebook 😉

  • skip

    refresh, refresh, refresh…. BAM! GOT IT!

    • KCCO!


  • Seldi84

    I got my DAR t-shirt. I shouldn't be this happy to get a t-shirt but i am……. leave me alone.

  • HiTmAn

    Bullshit ……

  • da' manager

    whew, done. my entire bar staff now has shirts 🙂

    • Tim

      Don't leave any for the rest of us…

    • Tim

      Don't leave any for the rest of us…

    • http://twitter.com/theterryburke @theterryburke

      that's mighty nice of you

    • Leigh

      How can we KCCO when douche bags like you spoil it for the rest of us!!! If you own a f$&ken business then find a place that does screen printing, get an original idea and make everyone happy!!!

    • Kodo

      I think that's a wonderful idea and very nice of you to do that! All these idiots disliking the post were just too slow. :p

  • Steve Grenier

    Woo! got one. Although I did get rejected with the short sleeve chive tee. I'll try again, when they return, in 2 months.

  • Janes Addiction

    no offense, but if I have it in my cart, how the fuck does it SELL OUT from under me.

    • TildenKatz

      Same thing happened to me….was in my cart and by the time i was done filling everything out, it told me i couldn't purchase it….very sad now

    • K-O

      agreed, I guess next time I wont consider buying anything else and spending more money at theChivery. just click and checkout.

    • Grant

      seriously, logged on at exactly the time they said they were up and they were already sold out by the time i went to check out. BS.

    • http://www.stustake.com Stu

      Had the same problem, but retried the whole process three times and actually came right on the 3rd attempt. Judging by the other comments on this page I was lucky that it actually worked.

      • AndreChamer

        Thanks Stu!! I saw your comment and tried that myself. Worked as a charm the third time for me to! :D:D This is a good day, but it will be even better in a month or so when the package comes to Norway!

        …I just hope that the customs don't kill me. The rules in this country is f**** up…

      • Ratman

        Same thing. It came online at 1:58 Cenral and sold out when I finished filling out the form. I tried 5 more times and guess what? I got my KCCO! I think I aged 10 years!

    • IUChiver

      same thing.. ran out everytime i ordered it!! rechecked out like 15 times lol finally got one

      • limerick3411

        same here, I kept refreshing… and it was always sold out. The last time i refreshed it said there was only one left in my size! WIN!

        • Lame

          You could always just not buy lame tee shirts?

          • Khan


    • Djsan99


    • Janes Addiction

      I was on before they announced it, F5-ing the site every 10 seconds. The second it was in stock I added to cart, added my info and by the time I hit submit it was gone. apparently I need to hire a robot to do it for me. I would just think that they need to turn on some cart awareness. I cant go to walmart and have an item in my cart and go to checkout and discover it "gone" – WTF.

      • AndreChamer

        You should have tried what Stu and I did! It actually worked! 😀

      • KCCO

        huh i went on 8 minutes late and they had plenty in stock…and had to fill out my CC info twice
        got my KCCO shirt finally…i was on deployment last time they came out :/

    • Saint

      Yeah no SHIT….same thing happened to me…

    • Ooops

      Maybe it was when i was ordering my 35 mens larges?

    • Logan

      Same thing happened to me, dude. I was pissed. They should have a larger stock available. I added it to my cart and by 3:01 it was sold from underneath.

    • Rocks Off

      I was at my cart in one minute, all I wanted was one damn shirt, said something about -4 in stock, or some bullshit, wouldn't let me check out, hit refresh, added shirt again, sorry they're all sold out. WTF Chive?

      • trollingfriends

        dude the same thing happened to me. it blows.

    • Janes Addiction

      perhaps they should link thechivery to failblog.lol. I shall keep trying.

    • Zorc

      i agree. definitely not the best shopping cart in the world!

  • Marko

    Nope. They're gone. Keeps telling me at checkout that item will be removed. What bullshit, it's literally been 3 minutes

    • Pat C.

      Did that to me at 12:00 and even at 11h59 when they came up

    • Polo

      Me too. Well this sucks.

    • AmBush_Steve

      I had a XXL Chive and someone stole it from my shopping cart when I went for a KCCO that was already sold out. Sadface.

  • Ivy

    They are all sold out now…

    • Ivy

      But I did get a KCCO shirt, I had to settle for a mens small, because there were no womens sizes left 😦

      • andysniper

        that could've been my mens small. GODDAMMIT!

        • Ivy

          I'm sorry!!! Really! But it is every man for themselves when the shirts are out!

          That was the oddest sentence I have ever written…

  • 918Dan

    Finally I got one!!!!!

  • JonnyRocket

    Clicked as fast as I could and still no KCCO, again a sad day

  • icejingles

    I was in the process of putting in my credit card info and it goes to -4 in stock? what the hell?

    • SaskatoonChiver

      Yea, thats bullshit. They have a terrible system set up

      • Lame

        waaaaaah i dint get my shirt wahhhhh

    • Muskaboo

      Got that, hit refresh and they were still there

  • http://www.stustake.com Stu

    What a mission, but was finally successful! Credit card feels like it needs a cigarette after that session.

  • Jeff

    Whew, got 1 KCCO shirt, FINALLY!!!

  • Sluttypanda

    What the fuck. I refreshed every minute and it sold out before I could even attempt.

    • Marko

      Same problem. Yet it still lets me add to cart. wtf!?

    • Birdhaus32

      Same here

      • Del

        Same here, sold out in one minute?? really??

        • Sorry guys

          i ordered 35 mens larges
          sorry i had to

          • PA2AK

            D. Bag.

          • Sluttypanda

            If you're serious, I hope you lose all of them on the bus, and they get picked up by a hard-working poor chiver that actually deserves it

    • DigitalGuru

      I had my browser reloading every 3 seconds, and all Large, XL & XXL KCCO were sold out the first time the screen showed something other than "Not Available". Not cool.

  • TSH

    GOT MINE! wooo, I was ready to go!

  • HawaiiBoy

    FUCK THIS. It was sold out at 12:00 PST. WTF…

  • legns

    I got mine i now have a complete set. A KCCO, BFM, TheChive and now DAR

    • Textile plant

      what a loser.

    • Tom

      eat dick

    • Phil.in.tx

      watch out we gotta bad over here

      • Sluttypanda


  • Brad

    Nothing better to do at work but to buy t-shirts…

    • Brad

      Got my confirmation! WOO DE WOOOOOOOOO!

  • BMG

    Must have had 50 shirts max. So sad.

  • Really?

    How the fuck can they be sold out 1 minute after they go on sale? Did you guys only buy 3?

  • Ludeman95

    Mediums were gone in a minute. Damn

    • Marko

      Not even a minute. More like they only had 10 of them.

    • Del

      Larges gone is less than one minute

    • DigitalGuru

      XXL was sold out in 3 seconds.

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