KCCO, Chive Logo, and new D.A.R. Tees Available Now!

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save for tees KCCO, Chive Logo, and new D.A.R. Tees Available Now!

After a two month absence KCCO and the Chive Logo Tee have finally returned right here in men’s and women’s sizes.

We also have the long sleeve Logo Tee available here.

Today only, all our most popular Banksy designs are $15. BAM.

And we have a (very) limited supply of the new Chive D.A.R. shirt up for grabs right here.

USUAL DISCLAIMER: None of these shirts are going to last long. Good Luck!

UPDATE: D.A.R. Sold Out. KCCO and Logo Tees will be gone in minutes.

UPDATE #2: All men’s and women’s sizes in KCCO, LOGO, and DAR are SOLD OUT

  • http://djgrumpypants.com DJ GrumpyPants

    Could be worse guys. I got one of the first run BFM, and it dies on its first wash. Washed it on gentle in cold water, and the screen printing all came off.

  • timpala

    There is no reason you guys cant keep some stock on hand, take pre-orders, or just handle the T-shirt situation better! It’s kind of ridiculous if you ask me. Watch out everyone, my girlfriend ordered me a chute logo T a while back, git a kcco instead. Chivette wouldn’t fix the problem.

  • jonfromvt

    I totally understand building up excitement about the shirts but c'mon. Order more f'in shirts. It's not a very exciting or difficult logo. My family used to own a screen printing company and we could have pumped out hundreds a day. I'm calling bullshit on this tactic. Just sayin'…

  • thomas Jackson

    Chive… why don’t you limit the number of shirts to be purchased. I’m so sick and fucking tired of waiting for a chance to buy a shirt when some greedy douchebags get on here and order 10, 50, or even 100 shirts and then resell them on eBay for 40-50 bucks. IT’S BULLSHIT!!

    The fact alone y’all don’t ever have that many available to begin with. Only ruins it for the rest of us who are honest and just want a damn shirt.

    Sincerely a chiver whose calm is worn out!

    • http://twitter.com/skoalbucs @skoalbucs

      you are so f-ing right I just went on eBay……there are tons of them.

      • Nicholas

        Supply and demand chive. Make more TEE's. We know you can because the profit return is ridiculous and people WILL BUY THEM! Now we have to wait another 3-4 months

    • A. Banx

      We all thought it, but didn’t say it.
      Comon’ chive
      What the fuck?

    • Patches

      So why not buy one off eBay if they are readily available there? I don't see the big dilemma?

      If this shirt is sooooooo life-alteringly important to you, why not just spend the extra bucks and buy one?

      • Thomas Jackson

        Because i don't believe into giving into some asshole who's letting greed fuck everyone else over. You wanna go buy a shirt off ebay. Have at it….

  • Rango McGruffy

    I got my KCCO shirt, for those of you who didn't. All I have to say to you is… It suck's to suck


    CLEARLY you guys have to order more at a time….I MISSED MY CHANCE!!!! NOOOOOOO

  • cakesbylauren

    Dand to late! Please add more asap!


    Gotta say its kinda bullshit. Come into work happily expecting to get a shirt but guess what!!!! NO FUCKING SHIRTS LEFT!!! By the way before any fucktard comments go up I work on Afghanistan time at the moment.

    • JDM

      sorry bout it bra but i bet yall get better internet than we do on aircraft carriers (name drop intended)

      • AFVMX

        Ha actually been there done that. Fuck that shit you can have it. Good luck man.

  • Jon

    Fuck that man, i couldn't even get on the site in the first few mins! A Brit chiver gets no shirt again! *actually starts crying*

  • Nick

    Noooo! I work during the day, work blocks the Chive and I can't bring my phone on to company property. Why do you always have KCCO on weekdays?!?!?! It's always gone by the time I get to the internet!!!! How about a weekend sale of tees?

    • Asiansensationt

      Hey if you can’t get to the chive I can help try using science9.com it’s I proxy server I use to get through to the chive and YouTube and what not lol. Good luck working hard😛

  • Shane Johnson

    Cell phone was not fast enough this afternoon…stupid work internet censorship! Should of took the day off!

  • http://twitter.com/skoalbucs @skoalbucs

    This is BS….I waited until 3pm EST…..and still did not get one….WTF !!!

  • Lomo


  • Skank

    Fucked up. The only people who can get shirts are the lazy fucks at home or in school. Us people that work for a living can’t get one. Way to cater to to dregs of society

  • Andrew

    they're up to $70 on eBay. no thanks…

    • Taylor

      aww man maybe I should make some money off of mine! Naaa I can't wait to get my KCCO shirt in the mail!! happy early birthday to me😀

  • Scott

    Hey, Chive, how's about just ordering a FUCKLOAD of shirts so that they don't sell out within 4 minutes of becoming available. Sensible, isn't it?

  • Mike

    There goes that valentines gift.

  • ashley

    I want a shirt already!! WTF

  • Dear Chive, I am forward deployed in Italy and I always miss your T-shirt sales I am willing to pay a few extra bucks if you can make me a keep calm and chive on tshirt I want one so bad but always miss your sales because I cant get on while at work. If y

    USS Mount Whitney LCC-20
    CSM Dept CN Div
    FPO, AE 09517

  • Dizz

    noooooooooo….moar please?

  • Steveo

    Chive – this is BS. You have a good website, but creating an artificial shortage of t-shirts to generate a lottery effect is a poor way to treat your customers. Even though I don't want a shirt, I may just stop visiting as my way of protesting.

  • Tom

    I tried, go to the point where it asked me how many, i say 2, hit next, say only one left, OK, I'll take it, hit next, none left, so fuck, you fuck, you, fuck you. Oh and fuck you.

  • robert

    i dont understand while the chive doesnt order like 5000 shirts. maybe the wont sell out in 15 minutes, but like 24 hours lol

  • matt


  • Mike hawk

    If it's a sure thing that these's shirts are going to sell out so quick, why not make more?… like alot more. I don't think i want a shirt anymore. this just boils down to weak sauce buisness.

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