KCCO, Chive Logo, and new D.A.R. Tees Available Now!

save for tees KCCO, Chive Logo, and new D.A.R. Tees Available Now!

After a two month absence KCCO and the Chive Logo Tee have finally returned right here in men’s and women’s sizes.

We also have the long sleeve Logo Tee available here.

Today only, all our most popular Banksy designs are $15. BAM.

And we have a (very) limited supply of the new Chive D.A.R. shirt up for grabs right here.

USUAL DISCLAIMER: None of these shirts are going to last long. Good Luck!

UPDATE: D.A.R. Sold Out. KCCO and Logo Tees will be gone in minutes.

UPDATE #2: All men’s and women’s sizes in KCCO, LOGO, and DAR are SOLD OUT

  • Just J

    Seriously cannot understand how you wouldn’t just have a bunch made. It’s like you don’t want to make money…

  • Jasey

    Got mine… like a CHAMP! ❤

    • Phil.in.tx

      ya mean on EBAY

      • Jasey

        Na.. I just made myself a note to check at exactly noon PST and voila! one of the lucky girls I guess. Hot boobs in chive shirt forthcoming. Giggidy.

  • jeez

    How hard is it to make enough to keep them in stock? Two months….to make a new batch of t-shirts? What's going on here….are they hand-made by a retarded 6-year old with one hand in slow motion?

    • AFVMX

      Funniest shit I have seen all day. Love making fun of the ratards.

  • Galen

    I had everything in my cart and ready to checkout by 12:03 PT – sold out. Could have made bank.

  • http://Chive Ricky Bobby

    Chive, you are going to run your support off if you can’t even keep a fuck’n tee in stock. Guess it sucks making easy money. Is Obama running this site?

  • Mike

    What did you offer 10 shirts? You must be kidding? I know it sucks to have fans, but call a freaking company that can fill your orders !

  • http://Chive Ricky Bobby

    Why don’t you let people preorder? Then you would have the money up front to pay your printer for at least half of what you think you can sell. Just a thought. It’s all about the benjamins ain’t it?

  • Jack

    I guarantee it's not about the money guys, it really isn't. It's all about exclusivity.

    • Phil.in.tx

      bullshit its always about money

    • MonkeyMadness

      That's bullshit coming from someone who already has a shirt.

  • kahnsbushymustache

    Obviously, many of you aren't keeping calm while you Chive on…

  • http://Chive Ricky Bobby

    Bill Fucking Murry just called, and Bill Fucking Murry is pissed off because Bill Fucking Murry said ya’ll are sold out. I told Bill Fucking Murry to keep calm and chive on. But, Bill Fucking Murry told me to fuck off.

  • Oscar

    Chive you are smart. Keep the numbers Of shirts low and demand very high. Wondering if we will see KCCO shirts in a bazaar in Phuket soon:-)

  • T

    I think MTB6 is one of the admin or a spam bot…

  • k-town

    more shirts = more sales = more money for chive = more shirts for chivers

  • meh

    So if they know everyone loves them and wants one so bad, why don't they just order more….

  • Dong

    If you didn’t get one. Keep calm.

    and chive on!!!

  • chelsie

    Super disappointed I didn’t get a shirt.. I’ve been trying for soon long

  • craig

    Why do you guys do this?? ORDER LARGER LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks 😉

  • B&A

    Got our t-shirts! It was stressful, but we kept calm and chived on 🙂

  • Leash

    Got mine but the boys ones were sold out in under a minute wow. Guess the boyfriends out of luck this time. Will try to be faster next time. Chive on.

  • B&A

    We kept calm and somehow ended up with our shirts! Chive on

  • wirdatrd

    is it possible, that, well, I don't know, maybe you guys should perhaps think about getting MOAR fer pete's sake? sold out in what 10 minutes?

  • laurennsfw

    after a year of trying and failing to successfully complete an order, i accomplished the impossible… got my new DAR shirt on the way and i will surely be sending my gratefulness in picture form upon its arrival! 🙂

  • Robert H

    At 3 (EASTERN) I was in an exam… I finished my 50 multiple choice and 3 essay questions in 7 minutes and out of class I walked to use my phone and order a KCCO shirt… Go to place order Medium is available, Jackpot! Place order….. I'm Sorry This shirt is no longer available…. Moments of profanity, my professor walks out of class to see what the disruption is.. I lied and said there was a pipe burst in my apartment and my roommate was just sending me pictures of my things ruined… His response? Keep Calm… and I swear he muffled and Chive On under his breath!!

  • avgejoe

    Took a break at my work to order shirt…..sold out. I cussed so loud I got written up at work because the customers heard me :*(

  • MonkeyMadness


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