KCCO, Chive Logo, and new D.A.R. Tees Available Now!

save for tees KCCO, Chive Logo, and new D.A.R. Tees Available Now!

After a two month absence KCCO and the Chive Logo Tee have finally returned right here in men’s and women’s sizes.

We also have the long sleeve Logo Tee available here.

Today only, all our most popular Banksy designs are $15. BAM.

And we have a (very) limited supply of the new Chive D.A.R. shirt up for grabs right here.

USUAL DISCLAIMER: None of these shirts are going to last long. Good Luck!

UPDATE: D.A.R. Sold Out. KCCO and Logo Tees will be gone in minutes.

UPDATE #2: All men’s and women’s sizes in KCCO, LOGO, and DAR are SOLD OUT

  • Jason

    Seriously… Do you guys make these shirts by hand?


    I will probably never look at this website again after I get back to the states. So fuck it. Only reason I'm on here now is cause I'm bored outta my fucking mind and it's cold as fuck outside. Oh and it's "The Stan" so there's really not much to see unless you like looking at a country full of hobo's that don't speak english. Also here is my preemptive "fuck off" to all the conservative fucksticks that don't like the way I described the "Stany's" (a.k.a hajji's). Lastly I can't remember if I mentioned that I'm bored out of my mind right now and I tend to ramble on about random shit at times like this so please don't hold it against me.
    Two pots of coffee by myself did "NOT" help the situation.


    Almost forgot. You should probably not make the military shirts, cause the way you handled this whole dibockle tells me that I'm gonna be seeing a whole lot of motherfuckers that aren't even in the military wearing those damn things. Hence a lot of motherfuckers getting beat the fuck up. Unless they're wearing the coast guard one. Then we'll just feel sorry for them.

  • Anonymous

    Great, missed out again and now they’re going for stupid money on eBay. Put a stop to this Chive, PLEASE!!!

  • bob

    u need more f'ing shrits

  • reebus

    its getting to the point where i might as well make my own.. been trying to get one off here for the past year and half with no success 😦


    keeping it calm and will continue to chive on.

  • Chief shorty

    Hey afvmx, go fuck yourself!!! I was in the Coast Guard and served 11 months in Iraq! Get a clue ass clown!!

    • AFVMX

      Readjust your tampon and calm the fuck down. That comment was the exact reason everyone in the "real" military makes fun of ass clowns like you. Also boo fucking hoo I could do 11 months in my fucking sleep. I bet you let everyone know that you spent time in Iraq too and I bet you SF too.

  • MTB6

    I wanted a Tshirt ALSO but all the DOUCHBEAGS are selling them on Ebay and using the CHIVE pics to sell them a lot HIGHER than thechive is. I mean I want one BAD but I'm not gonna PAY some DOUCHEBAG higher than what they really are. Hey CHIVE why NOT limit the amount of Tshirts someone can buy and MAKE more. I'm really to show my LOYALTY to THECHIVE on my upcoming DEPLOYMENT to the freaking SANDBOX.

  • jhf60

    After my repeated failed attempts to purchase one of the Chive shirts, I have finally come to the conclusion, that's it's not worth it. It just isn't worth the hassle. Look over these comments … it is psychotic. I say 'shame on me' for bothering. If the Chive is going to make purchasing a product as difficult as they continually do, then I won't bother shopping there. I still think that the boys @ Chive keep the supply of shirts drastically low to keep the demand excitedly high. Keeps the buzz alive & they can continue to raise prices. And, the average joe will do or pay almost anything to get one of these priceless? shirts. Stop the frenzy people. Need to stop acting like the dogs at the dog track – endlessly running in a circle to catch the rabbit. Laughable.

  • Obie

    Fuck you chive! I mean, i love you chive! but fuck the way you sale your shirts!

  • Anonymous

    Once again you’ve fucked us all! I will NEVER sport any chive gear! We hope and pray to get our gay little shirts and u constantly say: “We know you love’em but fuck you, we can’lt afford to print more than 20 at a time!” My chive cup is gettin the shotgun! Fuck you and fuck your shirts!!! It’s probly all you douches secretly selling them on ebay!

  • Dong

    Hey chive you should send the shit talkers a keep complaining & cry on shirt. These people aren’t keeping calm because they didn’t get a keep calm shirt. Bahaha

  • jesus madick

    What happened to the email updates from thechivery? I’m going to have to bootleg a t shirt! Just print more damn shirts! You know these shits sell like fucking Usher albums. Print more that’s what his record label does when his shit sells out!

  • T

    My first shirt frenzy and I got 3 shirts with little to no effort. Not selling any tho. Don’t see what the big deal is. Must be your net carrier lagging out. Head for Canada folks. I’ll send ya some pics of my wife and I.

  • Anonymous

    To all you fucks like “T” we dont wanna hear that you got a couple, if anythin you look like a complete douche saying so! So stuff your rogers wireless up your ass and go hang youself with your new shirt! It’s like saying: “nananananaaaanaaaa! What are you 12?! Get a life fag! And by wife i assume you mean skyrim!

  • http://Facebook.com/themarebearchair Girlinatux

    Hey Chive. Thanks for keeping it exciting! I feel like I’m
    Waiting for the next Harry Potter book. Lmao. KCCO from Nashville!

  • Big Jon

    Wtf? I thought the point of getting on the chivery’s email blast was to get a warning more were going on sale. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    Keep calm and choke on the chive.

  • Saintsfan

    Not trying to be a dick or anything but they posted on one of their galleries a couple days before shirts went on sale giving the exact date and time they were going to sell them. If you wanted one that bad get on and buy one then. I had to go through the checkout process 3 times before mine finally went through.

  • http://twitter.com/RickvdS @RickvdS

    Damn, you guys need a restock soon, gotta be more alert when these shirts are coming, don't want to walk around with a fake I guess 😛

  • etcrr

    Good luck

    • Fuck you

      Seriously, fuck you.

  • http://chive mike

    Get real u should sell more tee shirts and generate money to pay for an app on an android and then tell iphone to fuck off . Because Spade Magizine Sucks

  • JPo

    could make more than 5 at a time! im sure they would still sell!

  • Richards

    I’m just gonna make my own. I’m way past the point of trying anymore it’s just stupid and for $10 and a 5 min wait for it why not. Thanks anyway chive

  • huh
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