KCCO, Chive Logo, and new D.A.R. Tees Available Now!

save for tees KCCO, Chive Logo, and new D.A.R. Tees Available Now!

After a two month absence KCCO and the Chive Logo Tee have finally returned right here in men’s and women’s sizes.

We also have the long sleeve Logo Tee available here.

Today only, all our most popular Banksy designs are $15. BAM.

And we have a (very) limited supply of the new Chive D.A.R. shirt up for grabs right here.

USUAL DISCLAIMER: None of these shirts are going to last long. Good Luck!

UPDATE: D.A.R. Sold Out. KCCO and Logo Tees will be gone in minutes.

UPDATE #2: All men’s and women’s sizes in KCCO, LOGO, and DAR are SOLD OUT

  • ThatGuy

    Chive is bullshit. Just make the shirts available! Not a great way to treat customers. Like many others I'm done with thechive due to this bs.

  • Matthew

    has any body purchased a military shirt that looks like it has a partial. Also, why some of the shirts not have the bar code on the inside

  • http://KCCO Violent Beauty

    Crap everytime I try to get s shirt KCCO is sold out…just make them and keep them in stock for god’s sake.Would make lots of money if you would just a tip people

  • MTB6

    Just looked at few of the postings on EBay and ALOT of them are COUNTERFEIT!!!!!!!!

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