Mind bending anamorphic illusions by Felice Varini (34 Photos)

Via Felice Varini. More of his work HERE

  • myself

    Can't pick a favorite, they are all so great.

    • meh

      I don't know, why deface old historic buildings like this? Keep it to shitty modern buildings/hallways. #8 #26

      • FunGus

        mind blown²

  • sam

    i am puking rainbows….. holy jeebus good post

    • Wheatley

      Reminds me of Portals for some reason.

  • Sean

    where do these exist?

    • thomas

      I don't know for all but the first one was in Metz (North East in France), you had to stand on the tip of a figure on the pavement to see it, very impressive 😉

  • AussieChiver23

    Can this guy do my house?

  • Spaz


  • Fish

    If I was walking along and my head lined up just right to see one of these I would freak the hell out.

    *Walking along*
    "Wow, this is really weird deco-HOLY FUCK WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH MY EYES"

    • noel


  • saucypants


    • MattKL

      You ARE freaking out…man.

  • sotirisk7

    #33 Cool village

    • AmBush_Steve

      Germany, Switzerland & Austria are full of villages like this. The Alps that the 3 countries surround is an absolutely beautiful area.

  • Anonymous

    You are freaking out, MAN.

  • Richard

    Wow, this guy has made many places pretty cool from one spot and incredibly ugly from every other spot.

    • JDB

      I was thinking the same thing. Glad I'm not the only cynic.

      • bip

        Yea, unless you sit in the exact same spot and don't move your head all day, what good are any of these?


    That was awesome post

  • MattKL

    Mind is blown.

  • Farrukh Pervaiz
  • Andy Valentine

    There's a way to do this at home.

    Set up a projector with your intended image, and beam it from the spot where you wish to view it onto the surfaces that you want the lines / image on. Then, paint / tape / whatever over all of the spots where the projected image is (generally remembering to get larger as you get further from the projector). Remove projector, done.

    I saw one done like this in a warehouse. Worked amazingly well, and it wouldn't surprise me if this fellow used a similar process.

    • Underbaker

      I was thinking the exact same thing, glad I read through the thread first before posting it. In the outdoor areas I'm betting he does most of his work at night.

  • Otter

    Other than projecting the image and painting it, I have no idea how this was done so flawlessly.

  • dashete

    #25 "Illusions, Michael! Tricks are something a whore does for money."

  • Gtalyfe

    Its fake you morons. People will believe anything they see, so sad.

    • Efylatg

      If it's so fake, how do they have pictures… jeez

      • Dorkfish

        If it's on the internets, it must be real

    • Anonymous

      Faking it is what your mom does during sex.

    • Dakota

      Saw it myself in my town (first two pictures, METZ – France) and believe it or not it's really something impressive to see

  • CP7

    i know how I want to paint my hall way meow… #29

  • Dave

    This is cool, doesnt matter how it's done. Thanks for the projector insight, gonna try it now.

  • ST33

    Oh, Art, you dirty bitch, I will never understand you.


  • Max_Power

    It looks really cool from one specific spot, then most of them just look messy from everywhere else

  • drewplp

    It's too early for this. My brain can't comprehend…

  • thatguy

    This is so very cool, I can hardly imagine the talent and skill that goes into something like this. That being said, I cant help but notice that #9 is a bit off.

    • Yardbird78

      No it isn't.

  • Damian

    Art is about perspective, unfortunately for this kind you have I look at it from one position. Any other and it just looks like lines. Oh and anything a computer can do, for instance formulate where to put the designs to make this work makes it a little less spectacular. Moar street art and chalk art please.

  • Danny

    Running through some of those hallways would be like hitting the warp drive.

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