• Mr. Poland

    Blue balls of the year, right there.

  • Boy#1


    • stevie_c

      spotted that also.

  • @chaoticbeauty6

    HOT DAYUM!!!!!!!!! gosh i love that girl! nice shot @ 1:44

  • mhunt

    Awkward work boner.

  • Doctor_What

    Holy crap.

  • Lower

    Wow! Smokin body.

  • Dr. Jay

    If i were dating her, I'd feed her cheeseburgers for a week or six. I like T&A, and she's got neither.

    • k2thev

      With that attitude, you would never get that chance.

  • suavecito

    Tommy likey, Tommy want wingy!

  • guestieguest

    I think this glorifies domestic violence, and there's nothing funny about that.

    • joeyb

      I think you are a donkey..

  • poopstainsonyourmom

    Eat a sandwich. You've got to have an ass to grind otherwise you're just hurting me with your pelvis #stripperexperience

    • joeyb

      and you must have a tiny penis

  • Wiley

    I was left in a daze for about 10 minutes after watching this. Beware!

  • phydor

    neeeeet. too bad the credits are as long as the video, that could be an extended dance

  • TheInstructor

    And the award for most busted face of the year goes to? Ms. Fugly Whitely!

  • PoppaFlax

    I can watch this over and over. Unlike her performance in "Transformers"…

  • winner.

    — either way he wins.

  • Ander

    This film = expectations. Reality however would be your girl sitting at home pissed off, throwing your dinner in the trash, then waiting for you to come home so she can give you the silent treatment and of course, no sex.

    • Ander

      Just watched the end of the video. I stand corrected.

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