• John Locke

    taco salad

  • avidd

    For real.

  • jjj

    that laugh is hilarious hahaha

  • Adam

    Why cant i find a girl that passes out for 6 minutes when i tickle her? That would be something

    • TheJesus

      Yeah, because there's nothing better than hooking up with someone that doesn't move for all six minutes.

    • The Gifted Llama

      6? liar.

    • The J

      What do you need the extra 5 minutes 30 seconds for? Cleaning up?

      • itstanrum

        Dumping the body.

    • dustin

      rape is hilarious.

  • naked

    I'm ticklish too! My turn

  • Edge

    Dude needs to see a doctor. He seems to have an issue of getting oxygen to the brain. Seriously…

    • flibble

      thy said he has narcolepsy. obviously that would have been diagnosed.

      • Slauterhause

        Yea, they seem like a group of really smart people. Lets just go with what they think.

    • dochandy

      yes he should. could be narcolepsy trigger, could be vasovagal, could be something much worse. either way, his friends seem like total assholes…

      • TracerBullet_PI

        It's not that they're assholes, they aren't doing it against his will, they're just stupid. They look like high school or young college kids who lack the common sense to realize this isn't a party trick, it's potentially something dangerous. Clearly they're having fun and since he's willing to it's not even at anyone's expense, if he's had some Dr look into it and A'Okay it, then no harm done, let the kids have their fun.

    • http://thelyricaldilettante.wordpress.com/ ChickWithTheRedHair

      He's gone to the doctor about it before. The doctor said there's nothing wrong, but "it's just unfortunate." And notice how I kept asking him if he was ready? We definitely had his permission to do this,

  • sparrow

    find the redhead!

    • dochandy


      • EnKayTee

        I grew up with the redhead! Imagine my surprise checking the Chive and seeing this on here. 0_o

    • http://thelyricaldilettante.wordpress.com/ ChickWithTheRedHair


  • mac himes

    i can't wait to see that guy on the street

  • MariJane03


    • Emzilla

      Yo. Right now.

  • tnahurry

    Would be a great video, and Id share it, except that person saying "YO" every 2 seconds is just too annoying. That just ruined the video…. can someone re-edit the sound… even the sound of a horse or a toilet flushing over the "YO" would be better!

    • Matt

      Yea, I've got an audio clip of Sara Jessica Parker that would be great for the horse sound.

  • Jack_LeMac

    This is some tomfoolery yo

    • dochandy

      that bitch is NOT bringing that fucking word back. unacceptable.

  • mexi1977

    imagine how his family found out about this as a kid, when a harmless tickle bout turned up a passed out kid.

  • CP7

    I remember college and all of the bros that wore their Dane Cook shirts…. cool shirt BRO

  • Deep Thoughts Jack H

    Yo check his pulse. Yo check his pulse. Yo check his pulse. Yo. Yo. Yo.

  • Pokepoke

    I like how they do that first, and after it works someone asks for the first time "How long does it take for him to wake up"

  • sketchent

    yo man thats pretty cool, but for realz yo i think he needs to see a doctor yo, cuz like that shit is bad yo. a harmless tickle could end badly yo. like death yo, people be thinking he is dead yo. yo yo yo yoyo yo yo yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo (yo)

  • etcrr

    that's not a good thing

  • pete

    ima let you finish tickling him but YO did you hear about me being so damn tickling too?

  • myself

    maybe it might be time to retire yo from my vocabulary. I used to only use it when answering some phone calls and if someone yelled my name. That girl killed it for me.

  • Pants

    This is both hella funny and hella scary.

  • killa

    Passing out while being tickled is not something i would share with people.

  • Farrukh Pervaiz
  • Bill Fucking murray

    the most ethnically diverse group ever, the universities of america would be proud

  • tdid

    Yo, check his pulse, yo!

  • fhonik

    God Damn Sickle cell!!

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