• Stuf

    I fart into my hand then smell it.

  • gary

    id pass out too if ugly girls tickled me

  • Stud

    Welcome to community college

    • ChickWithTheRedHair

      more like a private university… but either way.

  • Bob

    Gross, redhead wearing no shoes in a public place.

  • Anonymous

    Not real

  • Qwixel

    can you say seizure?

  • lemonDorito

    That chick with the Hyena laugh scared the crap out of me.
    P.s. Shouldn't they not tickle him for safety reasons?

  • Da Sandman

    yo, dude, i'm gona gona tickle you, yo, and you gonna fall alseep yo, but yo, that can't be good for yo heart though, yo, but ima still gonna do it anywayz, yo, you dig, yo? yo, dude, yo? yooooo dude.. yooooooo?? yo, dude i think he's out, yo

  • stfu

    Someone knock out the bitch who keeps saying "yo"!

  • ChickWithTheRedHair

    Not gonna lie. Did not expect the video to get this big. And it's a residence hall, not necessarily a public place. I had just finished having a headstand contest. My shoes fell off while I was upside down and I didn't feel like putting them back on right away. But now I can't go barefoot without someone mentioning it. -_- thanks world.

  • Jack

    I bet it was really easy to bring his ancestors from Africa

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