Ashley Sky is using the Twitter machine properly (24 Photos)

Last year, we featured a few modeling shots of a little-known stunner named Ashley Sky. Since then, the 21 year-old model has discovered the Twitter machine and received a little more notice. Ashley is known to be really interactive with her fans on Twitter so stop in and say hi.

Oh, and her boobs are real.

Ashley's Twitter here.

Ashley’s Twitter here.

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  • Waylon

    @stuf your an idiot, you don’t deserve to get all high and mighty callin thechive racist. First off thechive is where people come to relax if you don’t like it then get the fuck out of here and get over yourself. Chance that African American females submit photos are slim because their all “strong” black women with more “self-respect” then the girls who post here. Not to mention thechive has never had a post named “pornstars” or “random models” all the posts are geared towards a theme and trying to find an equal amount of black girls to white girls in the same thing would take far too long so get over yourself…I also enjoyed the fact that you listed off news channels that are considered “WET” that’s a tad racist and not to mention your feeding in to the stereotype that African Americans dont watch the news??? Cause thats what I get from that…so sorry that your having trouble figureing out just where you stand in life but maybe you reevaluate thechive and either leave or keep the “racisim” accusations to a minimum thanks…cause thechive is all about love and keepin calm and chivein on

    • stuf

      i never said the post is called porn stars or random models. My point is when they do post random pictures of girls who are not user submitted, they are random models and porn stars. relax waylon

    • NorChuckis


  • Anonymous

    I think the racist card has been played to the point of absurdity. The chive and it’s partners are a public site free to the people who choose to look as well as the ones who choose to leave. It’s privately owned and is bound by no restrictions lawful or otherwise. If they want to start posting porn that is their perogitive. If they wish to turn it into a white supremist site that’s their choice to make. If they want to make a childs gaming site or an archive of all their favorite cooking recipes again they are free to do so. Just as you are free to look elsewhere for your entertainment outlet.
    In this day and age the race card is invalid. There are no more slaves nor people who used to be one. Useing race as a basis for your discontent for this site is just a cowards way of starting an argument.
    If you don’t like what you see then leave. That’s your god given right as a human being. But coming to a web site that you know ahead of time is going to upset you or anger you does make you educated or prove that you are better or deserve anything more than what your gonna get…nothing. What it does prove is that you are more ignorant than the first time you made this post, and as you have learned nothing by the fact that after numerous posts stressing your displeasure with the chive and it’s partners nothing has changed. So mr or mrs stuf it would seem to me that you are educated beyond your own intelligence and lack the knowledge to figure out on your own that your stupidity is becoming more apparent than ever to those of us who would leave you alone had you not made the concence decision to speak your mind. A great man once said it is better to keep your mouth shut and let people assume your an idiot than to speak and prove them right.

  • ME..BN



    JUST KCCO!!!!!

  • Kevin s

    Theres plenty of black websites that don’t allow white girls on them. Go look st those you ignorant ass. Stuf you are an idiot. Go watch BET while you read your Ebony magazine while you listen to soul train award winning music. Blacks have ten times more intentionally segregated crap than white people do. If you want equal “everything” start with getting rid of the bullshit media outpost that only promote blacks. You are the racist. You piece of shit. Let me guess you voted for Obama because he meet allof your political beliefs. Shut the fuck up you ignorant whiny african american. Start your own website our get off the chive. You immature fuck.

  • Jeremy

    Dude go smoke a bowl and enjoy the beautiful women that you wont earn with that attitude, loser.

    O ya kcco

  • William

    Get this girl to Venice Beach for a Chive photoshoot!

  • Sean NAY!

    Oh em gee.

  • Woodrowrules

    Does it say Afri can at the top? Braniac get of The Chive and go give your Dad another back rub

  • OhSomeEvil

    she has that "the girl next door cuteness"

  • Anonymous

    Ok so besides the one guy trying to ruin this for all, this girl is smoken hott and I thank thechive for introducing me to her lol.
    Keep Calm

  • Jala Meladuro

    She too skinny! Needs thicker legs..

    • Franky

      You are a moron.

  • Anonymous

    Yummy, is that a maple donut?

  • Carnoculus

    That’s funny, I looked at each one of these pics and thought, “breakfast”.

  • tawlker

    I guess she's alright. I mean, if you like gorgeous,hot, young women with big boobs …

    #8 This is the photo that sold me….

    • NorChuckis

      There's something about a well-hipped girl.

      Bodysuits and swimsuits and the bee's knees.

  • Head nazi

    I don’t care if her tits are real or fake,I’ll titty fuck them

  • Eric


  • jrahal

    Best photon in the bunch is #20, she's not very hot.

  • things

    She originally from Miami, she's okay as a person, really frickin ditsy though. Very nice and sociable though to everyone around her.

  • PearlPlayer

    She is very wood inspiring !

  • AllanA

    #3 simple yet sexy

    #20 all those calories are going straight to her boobs

  • Jeremy

    Stuf. You do realize that attempting to use someone’s education to demean and belittle them is another form of profiling which is what you are accusing this site of….right?

  • chiving all day

    Real, fake or alien I don’t care. This Ashley Sky that I am ashamed I have not been aware of for 21 years is perfect. MOAR!!!!!!!!!!! We must nail her, I mean make her chivette of the week.

  • Three Things

    I just can't quit this post

  • freddy boy

    #21 I made it to here without being moved. Now my chair won't stop moving!

  • NorChuckis

    There is so much right in this.

    Thanks Chive & Ashley.

    Next calenDAR?

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