Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • Boat

    #13 comments is what makes the Chive awesome. Love and acceptance. Also impressed by people who can post a picture in the comment box. Tried to figure it out for thirty minutes and gave up.

  • Jala Meladuro

    #18 oh boy I’m gonna have white gran babies …

  • Jammy

    #31 awwww a baby michelin man!!

  • Bob

    #13…Good work. Just lost a lot myself. It's hard work. You look good, but you are right, we would have liked you either way.
    #45…Only if the statistic says they got married to each other.

  • K3YSER

    #25 Real WTH moment for a fellow Pakistani Chiver!!

    boys u rock!!


  • Darkrobes

    Hey #12….dicks go where?

  • Mr McGibblets

    I hope they don't have that for lemons. #35

  • Sade

    #29 xD ahahahahahaaa!!!

  • http://www.spatiallight.net _dmc

    #17 What would you say? ( I don't know what to say.)

    #40 is the best "F&%K Yeah, I got a Kitty Cat t-shirt!"

  • Guibombe

    #38 made LOL so fuckin' hard Hahahhaha!

  • E Dollar

    #48 final boss.

  • jack

    # 16 you made my day.

  • dg

    That’s messed up. Unless he’s a jerk.

  • Anonymous

    Edmonton girls I need to find you!

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #19 To say you are beautiful would be an understatement.

  • KC930

    #13 from one chivette to another, you look amazing! good going girlfriend 🙂

    • Alexandra

      Awwww thanks chick!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    50- Not long enough

  • Your Baseball Coach

    #19…..an amazing little body on ya. You can be my manager anytime 😉

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #39 Of course! You two have the same eyes, same cuteness and the same beautiful smile! It's nice to see such awesome chivettes getting along!

  • loyalchivette

    #19 here! all I can say is wow! Thank you so much for all of your nice comments! My friend recently turned me onto The Chive and I've become addicted to submitting. Anyways, you all really made my day, seriously! Keep Calm and Chive On!! 😀

  • Jake

    #50 Her face is gorgeous.

  • Tbone

    Glad to see your back Pinky!

  • kraigmac

    #41 correction * there would be a world war every 28 days

  • Mark

    #45, not if 1 person gets married twice!

  • Rub D

    someone else thinks that #19 it's Stoya? It looks a lot right?

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