Europe covered in ice and snow (30 Photos)

  • Butler

    Skate everywhere I guess?

    • flibble

      pretty much. I'm having to use crampon type things on my shoes to pick my kid up from school at the moment.

    • AdamBaldick

      Thanks for not being a dipshit and saying 'first'

  • etcrr

    #13 #14 I have never seen pics of Venice frozen

    • myself

      Well, until now that is. Really is surprising though.

      • etcrr

        if Venice never freezes and now it is are they afraid of massive damage to the infrastructure since the city is so old?

    • Bazz

      You just did. You typed that comment just as you finished seeing them. You lie.

      • Bobby

        I think he is disputing the authenticity of the the photos. He's screamin', "SHOPPED, BITCHES!", in a more subtle way.

    • Paulywrath

      A little taste of Canada for you bitches!!

  • LoveSkiing

    And we are missing our winter over here. Them lucky European bastards. Who is missing their deep powder skiing days? This guy is.

    • MariaSky100

      If you write your address, I'll send you few meters of snow from my balcony…

      • RalphLauren61

        You obviously have my address since I woke up to snow lol

        • MariaSky100

          Sorry, I won't do it again 🙂

          • RalphLauren61

            I didnt complain 😉 …next time just send urself over here instead of the snow lol

      • Tristan

        And of course this is the first time in 10 years that I'm going back to America to ski instead of heading to the Alps. Checked the snow report Lech were I normally go 400cm, Vail 89cm.

    • Cat

      we have already over 300 deads here cuz of the freaking cold here … up to -22°F/ -30°C here in Europe .. this ain't funny at all …

      • SilkySapper

        quit your bitching, I just got back from a two week military exercise on Hudson Bay, and none of us died even though we slept in tents every night. It's called not being stupid, being smart and being prepared for the season keeps you alive. It's not like any one woke up and was like "Holy shit! I didnt know winter was coming"

        • Iska

          and you are old and/or homeless? =)

        • SillyDapper

          SilkySapper…. You are an idiot. However, so much of the military is overloaded with morons I shouldn't be so surprised.

    • cubanitagirl

      Florida did not have a winter this year.

      • BentWrenches

        They stole our Winter! Who am I kidding,I live in San Diego.

  • Mad Hittman

    Some of these look awesome. Until you go out and the hair in your noose freezes. That's not that awesome :/

    • Tom

      Trying to hang yourself? Please don't; you have so much to live for!!

  • Mathias

    F*** how beautiful it is. I'm freezing!!

  • POSTdiluvian

    I don't know why but #25 just looks effin cool

    • necause

      Because it's frozen and that's usually kinda cold

  • Anonymous

    Global warming
    It’s a poor excuse to tax people

    Two sources of heat for this planet the sun and the earth’s core

    Just ask the cern scientists why so cold
    Then the 30.000 weather monitoring stations if the planet has heated up in the last 15 years
    Short answer no

    So Mr tree hugger I’m not interested in your claims they are not supported by legitimate science

  • acs10

    i am headed from florence to venice this weekend for Carnevale, weather doesn't look too fun for it.

    • Leland

      Think of the nipples!

  • Peoplewhothinktheyresmartarent

    Must be global warming…

    • mee

      global climate change*

    • Etepi

      Nah nothing wrong with this planet.

    • douche

      been pretty warm here for winter, so whats your next line?

    • MathNerd

      Global warming is a misnomer and should have been global weirding or climate change.

      Since you're presenting yourself as smart you must be a part of the group that overestimate their actual abilities/intellect.

      • A BiPolar Guy

        people also fail to grasp the concept of multi-decade global average temperature increase. The word average escapes lot of people. It's warm or cold one year in one place so they think that invalidates an average. And of course the climatic effects can actually cause some places to get colder – for example from shifts in global air and ocean currents.

        • A Pie Bowler Guy

          MDGATI is word – poop.

    • Devious

      It's called climate change darling

  • asdfg

    look at that fucking ice

  • judy

    Well, Ned Stark did warn that winter was coming!

    • SirPig


  • Illicit-Weaponry

    #16 I like how "OWNED' is one of the tags

  • pat

    #21 le wild winter storm suddenly appears..

    • black27696

      … Central Park…New York…..not Europe…..

  • Chris

    Still believe in global warming? please come to alaska so I can brain you

    • Katie

      It's 55f in Maryland when it should be 30f

      • Shockeck

        In Southwestern Ontario we haven't had snow yet…and we get in the first week of November, I am not saying it's Global Warming or nothing but this is fucked.

      • DemBone

        it keeps bouncing between the 60s and 70s in lower Louisiana.
        it should be anywhere between the high 30s to 50s.
        I'm not saying its because of global warming because last winter was cold as all hell, but we are having a warmer winter this year O.o

        • A BiPolar Guy

          multi-decade world wide AVERAGE people. The temperature in one year in one region does not validate or invalidate a world wide long term average. That's the number that's been going up, and will have large climatic effects which include some places being warmer, others being colder (changes in air and ocean currents). Some will get more rainfall, some less and so on.

          The average increase is a fact. The only legitimate scientific disputes are wether human activity is the straw that broke the camels back, and can we do anything about it now. Great majority of climatologists and the like say yes, we tipped the balance

    • faptastic

      its 55 in Massachusetts when it should be 10

      its called climate change and watching the news " record weather " is happening around the world ya moron

      now go fight 10 other men for that 400 pd moose you alaskans call a " heavy hottie"

      • black27696

        So….record WEATHER = CLIMATE change? No. Weather does not equal climate. You could have a day of 70 degrees during winter every single year and it wouldn't be enough to bring the whole climate up a significant amount. Increases over hundreds of years is a climate shift. Warm weather is a warm season.

        • Binteresting

          Continue to remain blissfully ignorant, you might get the GOP nomination someday!

          • black27696

            Saying that a warm season by ITSELF is proof of global warming is the same as tracking the temperature from the time you get up until 1 PM, extrapolating that data, and declaring that we'll all be dead tomorrow if trends continue.

    • cubanitagirl

      Florida didnt have a witner. but i dont mind it .

    • it's warm in toronto

      "global warming" in an overused phrase.

      this is "climate change"

    • JimmyNice

      Wide variations in normal weather patterns IS a direct symptom of global warming… or climate change or whatever you want to call it. I live in New Brunswick Canada where we normally have snow and you know… cold temperatures for a long time.. but we now go from one day at +5, the next at -27 … up and down and back and forth. We're all getting it… most just don't choose to see it.

    • Devious

      Chris your comment sadly represents far too many opinions in this world. It's called climate change. The whole world is having the wildest weather and the phrases "coldest winter in 60 years…. or, coolest summer in 70 years… or, greatest rainfall in recorded history." should be alarming even to the simplest of minds.

      Sydney Australia didn't even have a summer, it rained and was cold the whole time. No more than 70F everyday when it should be 90-100F. Queensland is completely flooded (the flood is larger than many European countries). Thinking 'global warming' is a term that refers to the weather being warmer indicates you are extremely ill-educated in this matter.

      Climate change is a shift in the regular patterns of weather. Now, no one can tell me that there hasn't been a dramatic increase in unusual weather? The United States of America usually has approx 1000 tornadoes each year…. last year there were 1,897. Instead of bush fires Australia is plagued by floods. Europe is going through one of the worst freezes in recorded history…..

  • Shorthairlover

    Can't wait for the summer. Bloody cold weather sucks.

  • MattKL

    #6 How will Ezio ever scale it like that?

  • Pictures



  • Noctis

    Brace yourself ! The new Ice Age is near!

    • Underhill

      I moved to the tropics.

  • Farrukh Pervaiz
  • spicticus

    Must remember not to visit Europe during the winter

  • Linnéa

    Yep! It's damn cold right now.
    /Swedish girl

    • This Is Me

      You warm up faster if you take all your clothes off and stand in front of a heater.
      Pictures help too.

      • Pandapants

        Kan instämma på den. Några bilder tack Linnéa.

        • This Is Me

          Agree to agree

          • topher

            I also assume that, as a swedish girl, you must be hot. Please can I join the queue to have the sex with you?

  • FreezingMyAssOff

    When its 6 degrees fahrenheit and you're walking to work, you don't really notice the beauty of it all

    • G-g-g-g-g-g-guest

      6 degrees Fahrenheit? That's lukewarm by norwegian standards.

  • frozenMarine

    #21 is from Colorado in December.

    And, walking to work in 6 degrees does suck a whole lot…

  • Adolf

    I fucking love ice!

    • AmBush_Steve

      Me too. Can't make a frozen Margarita without some.

  • luckyB

    hmm not sure if i should be glad im missing winter or not….awesome pics tho

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