Europe covered in ice and snow (30 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    Speak for yourself when you say there is no snow in the states, I live in Alaska and my town has gotten like 30 ft of snow so far

    • Chivin the 907

      You must be in Cordova or Valdez. You guys got hosed this year! I’m in Juneau but from Fairbanks.

      Keep calm and chive on my ak brethren.

    • Anonymous

      Alaska is a state?… bazaar

  • just kidding

    What? No black ice?

    Love the Chive!!!

  • Anonymous

    i would love to see europe cover in shit ^_^ so cute just like their economy now

  • bexter

    this looks kind of post apocalyptic… creepy… glad it's not over here in the states because we'd all be bitching about it…

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  • joel

    RUN, you fools.

  • fred

    europe does have a history of early warning dark ages…. just sayin'

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  • YidsinNireland

    Thankfully we didn't get this weather in my part of Europe.

  • Ball

    Soooooooooooooooooooooo…… no going to europe to escape the cold when it comes to Canada….

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