Hump day! (39 photos)

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  • Guest

    #13 might be a really fantastic bum, but unfortunately the picture doesn't show it well. Any chance for a re-do in that same thong, giving the hump more of a featured placement??

  • Mark

    #58 = poo stain?

  • Jova_the_slayer

    Find #23

  • E rock

    #17 ,45,53 all ridunkulous bootys

  • Kensh

    Please Chive, MOAR of #50
    Also, who?

  • Elizabeth

    Desperate for attention! Keep these photos for your boyfriend or husband, grow some self respect! PS I'm not a hater, I have an incredible body, my fiance knows this, but I don't have the need to broadcast scantily clad photos of myself over the internet to strangers for free as I have dignity. I just don't think that woman should be portraying themselves as objects to the general public for attention and lustful comments from men that are complete strangers. I am a strong believer in self love, attention from your significant other so you don't have the need to crave all of the sexual attention and of course, self respect.

    • Matt

      Elizabeth just because your ugly….stop being a feminist bitch

  • Anonymous

    53 is the perfect ass. White thongs are my thing!

  • Matt

    Elizabeth just because your ugly… don’t have to be a feminist bitch

  • mike

    Find #45the plz

  • mike

    Find #45 plz

  • Skedaddle

    #36 you are perfect.
    #34 go wash your feet!

  • Benoit

    OMG….. #24 and # 25 are…..I'm speechless I want moar!!!

  • Chuz

    #7 #25 #45 #49 #53 ….you're doing it right!

  • The Heat

    #36 is pure perfection

  • JustPassinThru

    Without typing in ALL the numbers… #25 and #53. That should hold me for a while.

  • oskiderkonig

    Perhaps the best hump day post till now? I'd marry everyone of this girls.

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  • Easydoesit

    Elizabeth, obviously you are not a chiver. As for your soon to be husband, I feel sorry for him. Its clear who wears the uptight self righteous pants in this going to be short lived marriage. My advice to you, keep calm, chive on. For your marriage sake.

  • Dreamer

    #57 is a bit too much and #58 is starting to get a bit too chunky. I hate the Kim K booty. Looks like the girls haven't taken a poop for days and it's building up.

  • Dreamer

    #2, #11, #15, #17, #20 and #47 are all doing it exceptionally well.

  • coolaid

    #17 still I m trying that you real..


    there were too many great ones to pick


    Just so you know, #25 is a guy according to tineye…

  • Guest

    How is #15 getting no love?!

  • zgl

    …way too many wonderful humps…so hard to choose…all so gorgeous…
    blue ribbons go out #25 #47 #48

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