• Pat

    i wish someone would have done that at our party during the halftime show

    • Guy Richie

      Hopefully someone will get the chance to pull the plug when she's on life support.

      • i support this

        which will be in about 4 months if she keeps up her diet of fried mayonnaise balls

    • This Guy....

      someone would have had to have my bail money…

  • 'America

    ‘Merica FUCK YEAH!!!!

  • etcrr

    Wow talk about tough thing to do, I wouldn't do it, I value my life

    • aussie aussie aussie

      Where are you shutupstan?

    • YourMom


  • Bill

    LMAO people actually watch his show!

    • Diet_Pepsi

      You watched his video…

      • Bill

        and i feel sticky…

  • derp

    1) record the game
    2) act it out with a friend
    3) be over dramatic and throw things
    4) nat'l televison superstar

    • flibble

      ah, but you can't record it without express written consent of blah blah blah.

      • TheAllKnowing

        Hey fibble there is something called a DVR, you should look it up.

      • douche

        re-broadcast and recording for home use are two different things. fine print is the key to life, son!

  • aaron

    the woman at the end gives the guy a beat down. quality.

  • Nicklas

    hahaha America f**k yeah.

  • ReRe

    Is he becoming cross eyed or have I been missing this feature on him?

  • FiddyKing

    Worthless ppl watching sports. Instead of watching it, go out and play it. Half of those ppl couldnt make it 10yds sprinting but they sure can coach.

    • Eli Manning

      Alright then let's get everyone to go and play in the superbowl. Funny thing is I don't see anone called fiddyking playing any national sports. Where are you fiddyking? Where? Sat on your computer talking about sport rather than playing it. Caught in your own Insult there big man. Kick everyone out of holland we need a bigger pitch.

      • Forest

        Actually he has a good point. 90% of the people in this video were obese. Maybe spending three hours doing something productive and healthy would be a better choice than overreacting to a telivision being turned off. There should be a new segment where they smash the TV's, that would get those people off their ass.

        • juande

          u cant mess with the superbowl is like sayin us to mexicans we are fat by eating tortillas we dont give a f*ck we want our tortillas

    • login

      Exactly. Kudos.

  • ike

    Who watches Jimmy Kimmel?… Jesus, mac is retarded…

    • Benny

      You don't have to watch Jimmy Kimmel to think it's a funny clip. This is also up on buzzfeed and break, are they retarded too?

  • varlotto

    Fat chicks are so fucking mental about sports, honestly I think it's just a fantasy thing for them or something. I don't get sports in the first place so I wouldn't know.

    • salute my shorts

      and country singers. Every country singer in America is their "future husband" according to them.

  • http://celeb-pix.blogspot.com Pictures
  • Hah

    fucking rednecks…

    • thatTXguy

      Very few were rednecks you hipster asshole.

  • TheJesus


  • guest

    Dave Grohl @ 3:03???

  • cubsfan

    something like that is definitely grounds for dismissal
    fiddyking, I watch sports and can definitely run more that 10 yards can you?, and I hate to break it too you but its more than half the people in america, and they definitely watch more than just sports.

  • Da Sandman

    you see that christmas tree, right there?

  • Matty J

    Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to continue being not funny at all.

  • Asteras_1928

    C'mon dude, it's February ffs!

  • tickler

    3:03 must of drank 40 bud light to get that plastered…

  • mondo

    first world problem – the tv got turned off!

  • Stick

    Jesus, if someone turned off my TV, I'd be mildly annoyed at best.
    No excuse to act like a little man-child because it's sports.

  • Michael

    And that was the only person in America who cared about that excuse for a half time show…

  • moogle

    That last one lol dude, you stuck your dick in crazy!

  • Steve-0

    There need to be a movement to teach people how to hold their phones while recording video. NO MORE PORTRAIT. SHOOT VIDEO IN LANDSCAPE.

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