• drbman

    FAT america! gets off the couch!

    • phdonme

      Dirty Europeans! Take a bath

      • drbman

        Canadian dude! we rule the world!

        • Co-Rex

          Yes, now sit on your chunk of ice up there, sucking on your lollipop and holding your balloon. Try to be a good little boy while the grown ups are talking.

        • patriots suck

          americas hat!

  • 1manband

    If only people were this concerned about their rights. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • http://H Rick

    Mostly girls were doing it.

    I wish a bitch would…

  • one_awesome_guy

    HAHAHA VERY Chive-worthy material right there.

  • Zero

    Looks like a bunch of boring super bowl parties. Seriously there were 60 people plus and a keg where I was watching.

  • youarefat

    notice how the fatties get the most upset.

  • Jobo

    The Christmas tree one was great

  • sol

    lol fake

  • RugbyRules

    Wow, well done 'merica!

  • Bob

    At least the Christmas tree one made sense. I just don't see how this is entertaining.

  • soup

    America is so fat hahahaha

  • Swanky

    This isn't funny at all, I would be so pissed if I was watching the game and had any interest in what was going on. Telling kids you at all their halloween candy is funny, this could not only cause people to miss out on a great sports memory, but also get someone's ass beat.

    • LLD

      miss out on a great sports memory? Um, its on tv. You can watch it again, remember? Loser.

  • BostonChiver

    Holy shit that last chick went HAM!

  • Chode


  • superbowltroll
  • Doug B.

    Football is lammeeee

  • J Riz

    Jimmy Kimmel got the idea from Sal Governale (From the Howard Stern Show). He did this on New Years a few years ago and his wife nearly killed him!

  • McphersonTeresa

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  • KAJ

    Jimmy Kimmel told me to do it


    fuck you chive for putting ads before the video. fucking cnn does shit like that fuck ads, keep them on the side, BITCHES!!

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    • Mike

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  • Lili


  • patriots suck

    hahaha Patriots suck!

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