Lil’ Wayne making it rain in awkward situations (15 Photos)

  • Jammy

    Once you get past the age of 5 you should not be referred to as little, unless of course your a midget. Then your a little person. Sorry I meant "Lil". I rubbed fiddy cent together and got a lil wayne.

  • otter

    I made it rain, made it rain, made it rain on them boys.

  • Stickin Stuf

    Chive. Really? This is the STUPIDIDIDEST thing I have ever seen on here? Waste your time? Waste my time!

    However, I do forgive since it appears to keep Stuf off of here axin all his silly questions.

    BTW – who is this guy, Lil Wayne? Hey ? Where are all the white girls?

    • Simon

      stuf actually did show up spewing forth his self-righteous nonsense. Check page 2.

  • monkeyking

    You forgot one….. A funeral

    What? Too much? Lol

  • Carlos

    So hilarious.

  • Paul

    Really sorry I clicked on it… Totally my own fault my time was WASTED!

  • slippery pete

    dear chive, never go full retard (again)

  • Don

    This is why I think the Chive is Going down Hill.

  • Erich

    Why do rappers have money? Because the fans are too dumb to torrent.

  • Red Wing

    Legalize it, but if you got to have a warning sticker,try a pic of this ass-clown. Followed by the words: "Overuse of cannabis could lead to this" #1

  • wilk

    How come it was just a black guy making it rain? That’s racist

  • Hurt

    They are all ones. Bitch

  • Anonymous

    Dumbest post EVER!!!

  • theonlyguy

    #10 made be happy. If you knew it would make you happy too.

  • Josh the Jester

    For the love of god can we do this every week??? The old lady fallen down, I almost pissed myself

  • Anonymous

    Make it make it rain trick!

  • abbedm

    Wow the negative comments are probably the ppl who have shit lives.

  • twad

    No shit life… that’s just lame…

  • WaikikiWayne

    Get the hell off this site Lil’ Wayne….. Bring on the Humps!

  • Anonymous

    12 got me good

  • Anonymous

    so stupid but first

  • McphersonTeresa

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  • wtf

    #10 more like call of duty lol

  • Farrukh9
  • Farrukh9
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