YouTube’s sexy spaz Jenna Marbles (30 Photos)

Jenna Marbles has become quite the YouTube phenomenon over the last couple years. Jenna's honest, self deprecating delivery has caught on and her fanbase has exploded. From a Chive standpoint I think some of the 'glossy' modeling shots below are total shit and really do nothing to capture her quirky charm, but there is something about her...

For my part at least, I like the girl. Aside from Philip DeFranco she's the only YouTube personality I follow. But I'm curious to hear what the Chivers think of Jenna. For the uninitiated I've included one of Jenna's most popular videos below. Enjoy...

Check out Jenna’s video, What Girls Think About During Sex below.

More photos on Jenna’s blog.

  • Huckitchuckit

    Cute kitty..

  • JustThatGuyAgain

    Thank you chive

  • Ate

    so hot. love her.

  • Solitare

    Made it thru half of that video & that was enough. Annoying, i’ll pass. Hot tho

  • Mike

    Went to high school with her, she wasn't really that out going back then. Also looked nothing like she does now.

  • Anonymous

    29 dear lord your beautiful

  • acdc

    The only reason anyone ever paid attention to her in the first place is because of Barstool Boston. Any Stoolie can give you the real lowdown on Jenna. Viva la Stool – marbles here can take a long walk off a short plank.

    • JOhnny 5

      fuck off stoolie, you know you went to stoolala more than you go to that joke barstool university site

  • Lauren

    I LOVE Jenna. From a Girl's point of view she is hilarious and knows exactly what she's talking about. She's blunt and doesn't seem to care what people think about her.


    somethin about an honest girl that makes you want to sex her brains out….

  • Spurgeon


  • Shidoshi

    She's not funny and not attractive. She's so god damn annoying I can hear her awful voice just by looking at the pictures!

  • MoE Moe

    Being a loyal stoolie (barstoolsports(dot)com) and chiver I had the privilege to see Jenna in the beginning. She is just as hot in person as in her pics, and as funny as her videos. Way to go chive! People should check the blog she had with barstool @ stoollala[dot]com, she was awesome, just too big for the site.

    • JPV

      are you Maurice?

  • Samantha Kristal

    God I love her, if I were a dude, or a lesbian, I'd be all over that shit.

  • Michael Todora

    I just pictured our whole life together… its amazing.

  • YouTube's Jenna Marbles (31 Pics) | The Aggregate

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  • Derek C. F. Pegritz

    Jenna's friggin' HYSTERICAL. Easy on the eyes, too!

  • jred84

    Shes hot as fuck! Dudes talking trash on her r prob fucking fat and cant get laid. You dobt get on a site to check out hot chicks and then say they re ugly!

  • McLovin

    if i woke up in the morning to this, id never leave my bed!


    • Johnny 5

      yeah but if makeup from the night before looked that good the next morning none of us would dipshit

  • direct

    U look so beautiful

  • marco

    annoying as fuck…nice ass though. at least there is that.

  • Majesty

    Here's pics of her halloween costume a few years back that put her on the map:

  • YadaYada44

    I SERIOUSLY DO NOT GET WHAT THE FUCK IS THE BIG DEAL ABOUT THIS PIGEON FACED BITCH. She is the most made up fucking heinous lookin thing. Check out any videos or photos of her when shes not bathed in fucking make up and she is far below average. She has one talent, the stupid annoying goofy voice that sounds like something a 3rd grade art teacher would do. SO KITCHY AND CORNY. VERY LITTLE CREATIVITY. ONE TRICK PONY DOES NOT DESERVE HER FUCKING SUCCESS. OH WOW JENNA U HAVE A DEGREE FROM B.U.?? HOLY SHIT WE ALMOST FORGOT!! U WENT 30 SECONDS WITHOUT REMINDING US. FUCKING JUMP OFF A BRIDGE SCARFACE.

    • greenmonster

      someones jealousssssss

  • Jenna Marbles

    Hey I love your blog, come check out mine too if you can!

  • hmcby

    Holy Crap this chick is hotter than I thought.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, most of us girls look like crap without makeup

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