A true man cave basement (20 Photos)

Via coolcrack

  • http://www.Facebook.com/Jared509 Jared

    Really Bob??? this seems like more of a Mac post!

  • Joe

    Isn’t it more of a pre pubescent girls make me nervous cave?

  • it is

    nope, just gay

  • spartus

    those airsoft guns you see, the ones with the clear plastic bodies.. are cheap shit. they cost $10 bucks at walmart, nothing badass about that.

  • Jay

    Haha it’s a toy shop with funk all in it for some tard who clear cant be trusted with real guns or TV’s bigger than a baby. This is a poor effort. Shit Cave not man cave.

    Man Cave Ingredients
    1. TV/Projector 60 inches or bigger
    2. Surround Sound
    3. Gaming Console and PC hooked up to wall sized TV
    4. Beer Fridge bigger than yo mamma
    5. Pictures on wall of decent things ie Motorsport, hot Women & or cool epic general pics. Plaques or sporting memorabilia. Man cave affiliation to club section C para A applies “you shall not judge a man caves sporting memorabilia by the object. All items are considered worthy but under sub clause D one may pass a light humored judgement in general about said team but not artifact on display”
    6. Gaming table ie pool table, darts etc
    7. Sofas big enough to sit friends at a distance applicable with man cave guidelines
    8. Strict rule where resident female if one in dwelling understands entry is only permitted when serving food, offering sexually desirable pleasures or displays and cleaning. Sub section A. No whining or Orders are to be given in Man cave.
    9. Keep Calm

  • sirSweezy

    “man cave”? No, its a teenagers beat labratory! The only thing ‘man’ about it was the single hulk fist on the shelf haha

  • sirSweezy

    Wait if this was a Man Cave wouldn’t it have a kitchen so the women could make him a sandwich?

  • Adam


  • more tan lines

    rock bottom, Chive

  • Drunk DougT

    Where's the bar??!! Where's the bacon??!! Where's the boobs??!! If your fucking weapon of choice says "Ages 6 & up" on it then you need to turn in your man card, right fucking now you non drinking, non bacon eating, non breast loving pud. You're such a fucking pussy, I'll bet you vote democrat and are a god damned vegan.

  • Sean

    more like a 12yr olds cave! maybe submit when you have a real gun collection!

  • Woody543

    That's a disgrace of a man cave. Bad form chive.

  • ouch

    TV? thats a monitor

  • Tiberious2.0

    Cool concept, terrible execution. Nerf and bbs,… c'mon now.

  • Zmarrs

    I like the single shotgun shell that he probably stole out of a box from the sporting goods department at Walmart.

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