Albino animals deserve some love too (36 Photos)

Photos found via Buzzfeed

  • theAdventuresOfJim

    #2 Albino animals look way cooler than ordinary animals

  • Kelsey

    Most of these animals are leucistic, not albino. Albino animals have red eyes. Any animals that have normally colored eyes have a different genetic mutation that leads to a condition deemed leucism.

  • nuccabay

    cant help but think some of these are shopped like #10

  • BCET

    #9 and #13 albeit gorgeous, are not albino. Horse nerds know that the albino gene in horses is unfortunately lethal therefore none exist.

  • Mcorrell

    #17 Looks like a Gremlin!

  • Justin

    I don't like the amount of snake pictures on this post.

  • Suavecito

    #21 is badass

  • Nishtai

    #25 Shikaaaaaakaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • Chivemaster


    Correction: white tigers are not actually albino because they have blue eyes.

  • Dick

    #34 I had to check my picture folder, I think that's the albino gator at the Ft Fisher Aquarium in NC.

  • hartkey

    17 has one blue eye and a red….great post…pretty enjoyable

  • MIke Hawk

    #23 not albino its a regular pink dolphin from the Amazon

  • hartkey

    And i would probably spudge my pants if I saw # 32….beautiful

  • nick

    Why are those monkeys so creepy looking


    #36 can't tell if adorable or insanely creepy

  • No Brainer

    #25 Bumble Bee Tuna

  • LOL

    #13 #9
    Useless fact of the day :
    There is no such thing as "albino" in horses, whatever gene is responsible for the absence of pigment also causes the absence of a fully formed intestine system, causing them to die within hours of being born. The horses you see here are "cremello", they're very very very light blond.

  • chelsea

    they all have my love. i want to cuddle each one of them and tell them i will protect them from the sun

  • sassylady

    #13 looks like nicholas cage…am I right?

  • warouvish

    This is a bad ass post. Love animals, and Freaky shit. This perfectly combines them both.

  • http://Chive Hector

    #30 great white buffalo…

  • Zak

    look at the last ones eyes! it can see into your mind! IT CAN SEE INTO YOUR SOUL!!!!

  • naelst


  • xtrapeque

    #5 copito de nieve (snowflake)

  • BjN

    Apparently Winter is coming…

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