An alluring anonymous Canadian Chivette (25 HQ Photos)

Over the last year, a leggy Canadian Chivette has been submitting photos for the SC. Because of her (rather hi-profile) job, she's asked to remain anonymous, I always respect such wishes here. However, I do think that a body like hers deserves special attention and, as a whole, I continue to be blown away by our Canadian Chivettes. Seriously, is there something sexy in the frigid air up there?


  • miguel

    please don't move to Canada!! lol these girls are a tough enough commodity to come by as it is. And secondly guys. We do not all say Neew doot aboot it……lol…. the fucking easterners sound like that..from the maritime's……the rest of us sound like Americans that slip in " eh" instead of "right"
    So it would be. You know what im talking about eh? instead of
    Hey bob you know what im talking about right?

    lol you american's and your stereotyping, but i still like your constitution better. Keep fighting for those freedoms boys.

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