An alluring anonymous Canadian Chivette (25 HQ Photos)

Over the last year, a leggy Canadian Chivette has been submitting photos for the SC. Because of her (rather hi-profile) job, she's asked to remain anonymous, I always respect such wishes here. However, I do think that a body like hers deserves special attention and, as a whole, I continue to be blown away by our Canadian Chivettes. Seriously, is there something sexy in the frigid air up there?


  • Heavy D

    #22 OMG Please Marry ME!!!

    • Jg


  • Angel

    Viva Canada!

  • thebutterking

    I wish I could dive to Québec (look at what time it is) bye guys

  • Erik

    Si sexy ❤

  • Tyler

    wish I could dive 2 Québec (looks at what time it is) bye guys

  • Scott

    I was all for this as a fellow Canadian until I saw the flag of the douchebags, Quebec… Honey move to any other province and you'll be 1000 times better.

  • SpaceCowboy_

    This girl is solid gold.

  • Janky

    Perfect. This just makes me happy.

  • shit stir

    Fapp’n with the maple syrup

  • John

    Trifling toes

  • Paulie D

    She has huge feet…. Deal breaker

  • andy

    #1 #2 #3 ……. those are some fine legs you got ; )

  • smokeEater

    She is my kind of girl.

  • oscar


  • Slobbs

    Please say your from Saskatoon..

  • Josh

    #10..Are those see thru panties? I believe I spy some ‘toe…

  • wilee

    i would crawl over 4 miles of broken glass just to hear her piss in a tin cup over the phone! lol

  • ClayB

    Im moving to Canada!

  • AmericoPolk

    O Canada!

  • alex

    Is there a Hottest chivette award yet?? #6 #8 #9 #15

  • oldskool

    She looks asian.

  • Eric

    hey Chive, please find her ! she is from from my area, Quebec province (flag on pic #9)

  • SARmedic

    Well played Canada, well played.

  • Trevor

    good god i think im in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Desperate for attention! Keep these photos for your boyfriend or husband, grow some self respect! PS I'm not a hater, I have an incredible body, my fiance knows this, but I don't have the need to broadcast scantily clad photos of myself over the internet to strangers for free as I have dignity. I just don't think that woman should be portraying themselves as objects to the general public for attention and lustful comments from men that are complete strangers. I am a strong believer in self love, attention from your significant other so you don't have the need to crave all of the sexual attention and of course, self respect.

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