An alluring anonymous Canadian Chivette (25 HQ Photos)

Over the last year, a leggy Canadian Chivette has been submitting photos for the SC. Because of her (rather hi-profile) job, she's asked to remain anonymous, I always respect such wishes here. However, I do think that a body like hers deserves special attention and, as a whole, I continue to be blown away by our Canadian Chivettes. Seriously, is there something sexy in the frigid air up there?


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  • Elizabeth sucks

    Hey Elizabeth if u don’t want to see these photos go back on the sofa and continue eating ice cream watching soap operas

  • Skedaddle

    Are you in Van? Let’s chive!

  • Matrix19

    Wow! Glad she claims the Canadian Girl and not "quebecois" girl!

  • CarpeDiem

    Wow. Now I really love Canada!!! Et les femmes de Quebec!!! Mon Dieu!!!

    • Anonymous

      Cause we all speak French..nope

  • Eli

    This is the only thing that has ever made me want to move to Canada, but it's almost enough just in itself for me to up and move.

  • joe

    more ass please

  • moar boar

    #4 Floors me everytime #6

  • chivedaddy

    Ok. Now that my rant is out…….girls like her are the reason we fight to keep the true north strong and free. CHIVE ON SWEET HEART!

  • Maito

    But Her Face!!!

  • Victor "Newman"

    Too bad she won’t show her face. But, who knows some employer would probably fire her if they found out.

  • cody

    Figured out her high profile job… Shes in the Canadian forces… I recognize our housing units anywhere… Vive la Quebec

  • northbound

    Again reasons for loving the country I serve for. Merci ma belle!!!
    Chive on from cfb northbay

  • ChiveProtectAgency

    @ Elizabeth Please don't come here and rant about "self respect" and not posting pictures of oneself, etc. etc. You may think you're "saving her", but it's her body and she "does what she wants". Save yourself for your fiance or don't…it's your choice.

    For every one of you who claim "have self respect" there is another who enjoys the freedom to "show their wares". For every one who "hates that these women come on her scantily" there are others who are "free to express themselves". You choice is your choice, but don't rant on a thread about how others should "be like you".

    In other words "Keep Calm and Chive On"!

  • CJJ

    Very sexy, this girl is smokin

  • Boseon

    I looked at the purtice of Marcy Moore, and she does not look like the woman in these pics. Moore had much nicer boobs, for instance.Snopes is very leftwing and not above slanting things in a leftward direction. They are not to be trusted.

  • Always Last


  • Jessie

    Thats it! I am moving to canada!!!

  • BIGD

    WOW Doll you have a great little body…..Im a NY city boy from Howard Beach and an avid snowmobiler Im in Canada all the time and I know everyone rides up there …only thing is even with such a smokin hot body like that Im going to have a hard time seeing it thru your gear….keep on posting thoes great pics…how about one showing your sled

  • Poke4Life

    Couldn't take my eyes off #3 & #21

  • Jamie Carter

    got to love our canadian girls… wow wish i knew her.. haha

  • Jesse

    Gotta love being Canadian!

  • Wow

    Damn that's one hell if an ass. Pity she is unsure bout her body so she doesn't want to be named, maybe she is scared that her letterbox will be filled with love mail or her client people won't take her seriously. Ours is not to reason why I suppose

  • whiteyc544

    Perfect…absolutely perfect

  • bin

    #10 nice mit

  • Gimme gimme

    I would be kind to her and court her so I could marry her and bang that ass my whole life.

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