Expectations versus reality (30 Photos)

Found via pleated-jeans.

  • Boldspoo

    #1 When did Justin Beiber dye his hair blonde?

  • bones

    12… MOSHZILLA!!!!

  • Mr Los

    Awesome post chive!

  • http://twitter.com/Toanimal @Toanimal

    #1 how did you expect to play Mario Party on the xbox 360???

  • edslerson

    what a stupid post

  • njdm

    Pretty sure you stole more than half of these pics from pleated jeans.

  • shnugs

    Gold. All of it.

  • dude

    most of these are too stupid to even comment on….. #22 and #30 ….Really?!? You really thought you were on the path to success when you set out on this journey? What's even worse is the Chive thinks it's funny enough to post over and over again….

  • Simon

    Here's one for stuf;

    Expectation: When I post my daily self-righteous ant-Chive diatribe = hundreds of thumbs up and comments agreeing with me.

    Reality: Dozens of thumbs down and comments telling me to get lost.

    Expectation: Open the e-mail I started for my anti-Chive campaign and find hundreds of e-mails from people telling me I have their support.

    Reality: One e-mail from someone telling me to get a life and a bunch of spam.

    • lex

      get a life and gtfo. feel better?

  • Smitty


    Sure, but you don't play Mario party with a 360 controller.

    • Todd

      And your mom is not "your friends." She is one person, and she is your mom.

  • satchel

    #24 actually the opposite for me. what does that mean about me as a person?

  • http://fivepointpodcast.blogspot.com Bobcat

    Number 1 is SOOOOOO true.

  • varlotto

    #22 you decorated the cupcakes while they were still hot or before you baked them, so of course the icing would sink

  • Matt

    #1 Does anybody else realize that you can't play Mario Party on Xbox 360.

  • SadeShadz

    #18 #32
    HAHAHA!!! Laughed so hard!! xD

  • beever

    god dammit. EPIC FAIL. #21. my names jeremy keil too. thanks dude. jeez.

  • http://iqtestpro.com/ Free

    #2 I so **** hate that

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