Gun bending art for the psychotic in all of us (30 Photos)

  • Lil John


    Want gunspider!

  • Anonymous

    Sick sons of bitches.

  • ****

    reminds me of the matrix robots

  • Shar11


  • Bisbane

    BLASPHEMY for ruining guns

  • The Truth

    #22 – my new chair to watch the game

  • scaffolaro

    My gosh what a waste of good parts my heart goes out to the poor souls who are going to gun hell….

  • rbg

    #5 What’s with the leg?!

  • irons

    What a waste of decent firearms.

  • bless1


  • Anonymous

    That is horrible to destroy guns and call it art I hope you all burn in hell!

  • G.I. Joe

    Stock and hand guard on an M-16A2 is mostly plastic, just sayin

  • Gun_guy

    Those poor guns… Though a couple of those pieces were pretty cool.

  • reaperMEDIC

    #29 Why.

  • Skeet

    The bible says in the last days they will bend their sword into plowshares

  • Internet Dweller

    #20 is gangsta

  • cocales

    Good imagination to come up with all that stuff made out of old weapons. still wouldn't pay a dollar for that stuff though.

  • it's cool, but makes me sad a little...

    […] cool, but makes me sad a little… Gun art sculptures : theCHIVE Reply With Quote + Reply to Thread « Previous Thread | […]

  • Tim

    #5 Why does Bugs have a prosthetic leg? Did Elmer get lucky?

  • BuckersAZ

    Those are pretty rad.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #5 Bugs Gunny

  • Anomanom

    Waste of perfectly good Kalashnikovs

  • Suavecito

    #28 FTW

  • Sieggelwald

    No plowshares?

  • Anonymous

    Fk the guns this is awesome

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