I do what I want (27 Photos)

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  • deathscythe257

    Watch out guys, we got a badass over here…

  • Clint

    Proud to say that's my fearless leader

  • Peacer

    #13 = Mega-douche!

  • jared

    #23 I go to fitchburg state! Massachusetts!!! Wooo!!

  • James Munn

    #12 Enough said.

  • Otter

    #13 I parked like this at work once, the space next to me was one of those free stalls next to a handicapped space. Got a huge sticker stuck to my windsheild warning me not to double park again or I would be fined by building management. Took me two weeks to get rid of the sticker residue.

  • freshfraser

    Nice G.I.F. ending, I definitely approve

  • Occupy The Gap

    #1 – Jiffy Lube Live?

  • Mike

    #1 In all fairness it does say "No tailgating" and not "No tailgate partying".

  • Jabba Finder

    lion statue looks a lot like Jabba from that angle

  • SARmedic

    #3 I know his hand isn't really in the container, but as a paramedic that gives me nightmares.

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