• Handy

    this website would suck if reddit went down for a day

    • chris

      Hilarious because it's true.

    • bob

      fuck off

    • Joe

      I know the creators of this site, and also know the creators of this video.. and I'm sure that they get many of their articles from Reddit, however in this case… the two groups actually know each. Coincidence!

  • Animaul

    hahaha….nice walk of shame at the end

  • Jeff

    its a dream world

  • Dave

    This was one of the funniest videos Ive ever seen. Very well done

  • Tim

    All they're missing is the Walk of Shame chant.

  • yankeesji


  • fed

    hilarious! too bad we'll never see a line of hot chicks to get into a bar…

  • Aaron

    It should have ended with the guy getting into the car of a less attractive girl and saying, "Thanks for picking me up. I'm so lucky to have a friend like you. I only wish I could meet somebody as great as you."

  • Anonymous

    What’s the name of the song at the end?

    • Noegod

      Have u been living under a rock our something? That’s “Sexy and I Know It” by the band LMFAO.

  • Steven B

    Friggen epic. Loved it

  • Negatron!!!!

    And not a single fuck was given by guys!

  • Big Charles


  • fred

    This video should be renamed "UTOPIA"

    just sayin…

  • Anonymous

    No black people in the video?

  • Derbymon

    Worth a mention that in Brazil the women want a man, and the man is in control of the Yes/No. Complete switch. AND %70 are a complete knockout!
    I've been there…You just won't believe it.
    If I was younger (without wife) I would grab $2000 and go.
    A friend married a Brazilian lady….amazing beauty. Very warm people.

  • bob

    damn those chicks are hot

  • Rockets

    Love the walk of shame. Him holding his shoes is classic!!!

  • Emzilla

    I love how many guys are like "That would be so awesome!" Dude- yeah the fuck right. 😛

  • Jeff

    I first saw this on collegepoison.com and shit myself laughing

  • shnugs

    So many taco's… oh.. so many.

  • Katarina85

    I used to be like that when I was 20…until I got called a whore. To me I was just having fun like I thought we were supposed to at that age. Unfortunately however, it's not socially acceptable for a woman to do that. It's even more socially unacceptable if you're remotely attractive. Other women will hate on you.

    • Realzoo

      You just have to do your own thing.

  • Waty

    "come on.. Taco bell is going to close" haha the DUFF always says that stuff.

  • Steve

    love how you have the janna ass grab as the thumbnail

  • Noegod

    Just once I’d like to meet a lady who’s comfortable enough with herself to buy me a drink. I wanna believe that there are women out there who go out with their own money because they actually intend on paying for their own drinks! This is why I don’t buy hot women drinks, especially if they’re already drunk, cuz I know some poor asshole like myself has been breaking the bank on her, she should go back and sit with him. While I’m at it ladies, stop freaking out when a guy does offer u a drink, it doesn’t always mean he’s after sex! There’s a few of us nice guys out there that just want a conversation!

  • Yesagod

    Noegod is right u know…PSYKE

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