25 random facts that you definitely didn’t know (25 Photos)

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  • Jb

    Get a life you piece of shit. Comment on that you fucking waste of space.

  • http://www.projectmason.com sowasred2012

    Yeah, you tell 'em! They're so age-ist as well, I can't remember a single post dedicated to OAP sideboob. Power to the GILFs!

    /sarcasm cos I feel kinda weird right now.

  • A black nig

    …in all honesty, I just think a lot of white dudes don’t know what a sexy black girl looks like. I mean the media shows us a lot more caucasians as “beautiful” in magazines, on tv, in porn and wherever else. but let’s not lie to ourselves the chive isn’t racist. I’ve seen many Asians on the chive, Ashley Sky is Brazilian and she had a whole album the other day, and occasionally you’ll see a brianna frost too and more. you just wanna see more black girls cause you think they’re attractive, and I do too!!! but the chive has posted every race I know of personally.

  • He'sCookinOurGarbage

    Let me guess, it is also the cameras fault that when black people take pictures, all you see is there teeth?

  • 4time2smoke0

    Hey stuf! Just wanted to say I’m right behind you in the fight , til we get to the part with a cliff, then I push you over the edge and snap a few pics and vid of you to submit to the chive. Oh and dont forget to have a terrible effin day

  • bless1

    the anti-chive can lick my racist nut sack.

    • Hanter

      looking forward to it opening. Comments section will be full of 10 paragraph diatribes from whites complaining about the site

      • Simon

        Again, suggesting that Chivers launch a DDoS attack on stuf's anti-Chive blog.

  • The Annoyed Elephant

    #13 Not true. First, there've been several MGM Lions. Second, none of them killed their trainers.

  • Faraday

    #21, did not know that.

    • knotmee

      thats because its made up bullshit.

  • passwordistaco

    And the other 1% bring up the average for everybody else.

  • Johnny K.

    Every person has an opinion, which they are entitled to. It is a free country and I will support freedom of speech with my last dying breath. That being said, there is an understanding one needs to have when it comes to the freedom of speech. An understanding everyone is not going to agree with your opinion, your opinion may not be the popular one and most importantly, an understanding of when your opinion is stupid, an indictment of the education system and just a clear example of everything that's wrong with the world today.

    Is this a cry for attention? Did your girlfriend make it on the Hump Day post and you now hate her for it? Was it your ex girlfriend who's now banging a white Chiver? Did mommy not hug you enough? Did daddy hug you too much? And how many people viewing these comments do you think want the Chive shut down? You really didn't think this one through, did you?

    Fuck off and try whining about your bullshit affirmative action at the next book burning session. I don't think Shakespeare had too many African American characters. We should protest the libraries until take Macbeth out of circulation.

    I normally wouldn't take the time to respond to something like this, but I'm at work and not a single fuck is being given today… And stupidity is my pet peeve… Stupidity and Duckface…

  • sheratonii

    #17 …on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

  • Scuba Steve

    theChive isn’t racist! There are plenty of pictures of girls of various ethnicities on here! Look at all the pictures of Latino and Asian women! Racist? No! You are just mad because there aren’t enough pictures of black girls? If you are on here just for pictures of girls at all then just go look up porn! There is a LOT of awesome content here that is witty and hilarious. This site isnt solely here to help you masterbate to black chicks! Additionally, Racism is not just a term for black people- its for any race! Many races are represented here! Look at how many threads make fun of white people- all the redneck jokes! Who cares.

    Stop crying and chive on or move on!

  • Bunny Breckinridge

    I will stuf you have all the rights in the USA. In my country we would beat you with canes and you would willfully submit to that treatment because you are an idiot.

  • Verbal_Kint

    #1 correction: Courtney shot Curt a month before Bieber was born…

  • sheratonii
  • http://xxwhodatxx.wordpress.com xxwhodatxx

    If everyone just ignored this asshole he would go away

  • Falthor

    #1 this makes sense… after all Bieber has said he was the Kurt Cobain of this generation…

    • Bodhi

      He didn't really say that, did he? What a fucktard.

    • ATouchofInsanity

      If Justin Beiber is the Kurt Cobain of his generation…then I'm the Queen of England of my generation…

      • fed

        god save atouchofinsanity!

    • Del

      will selena put a shotgun in his mouth and pull the trigger like courtney did to kurt???

    • spicticus

      So is he going to "commit suicide" before 30? That would be great.

      • The_Dood

        Before 20 would be better…

    • dirtysteve99

      I thought Kanye said that?

      • Falthor

        I think kanye Might have to, but Justin supposedly said it and then tried to have his publicist stop the backlash.

    • WorldSailor

      only difference is we want kurt back and no one would want justin back

      • Queen of Mexico

        fuck kurt cobain, he has an ugly voice. its all about the bieber fever, hes so hot!!!!!

        • edslerson

          im going to guess you are slightly retarded

        • evad

          what did you smoke ?

  • dbizzle

    I wonder how many of Stuf’s submitted photos were rejected by the Chive to make him so sad.

  • NaTaS

    #9 Also… Elephant crew… Olive Shoe… anything else that rhymes.

  • laguera

    #1 what are you implying

  • JOHN

    #3 morgan spurlock refuses to generate his food intake for the film. Its shitty for you but mostly hype.

    • knotmee

      "refuses to generate his food intake for the film". what does that even mean?

      • Waylon

        I'm guessing he refuses to shit publicly?? Not sure either.

        • Yarp

          Watch FatHead. Spurlock was basically full of shit.
          Oh and those calories, just dont eat for the rest of the day, your body burns through around 2000 just by living.

          • Goober

            that still doesnt explain the meaning of "refuses to generate his food intake for the film". That phrase doesnt make any sense.

            • Astiner

              What is Fathead? Film or TV?

              • sadman

                Film documentary basically dismantling Spurlocks documentary. In summary, the film shows a man eating McDonald's food and loosing weight (he applies rational thought to eating, as opposed to getting giant sodas, apple pies and ice cream sundaes with all his meals).

                • Bob

                  The point of Spurlocks film though, was that for minumum wage familes who eat McDonald's on a constant basis are becoming obese because… they make minumum wage, sometimes supporting a family and its the cheapest thing to buy. The point of the film was to say healthy /organic food /food your grandparents used to eat should be available to struggling familes.

            • Raisinette

              In "Fat Head", Tom Naughton tries to obtain the record of what Spurlock ate for the 30 days. Spurlock wouldn't give it up.

          • sadman

            As to the calorie burn, calories that could be burnt in 7 hours of walking will take just over 8 hours of inactivity.

  • Hmm

    83% of statics are made up on the spot.

    • HandsOn

      100% of statics are stuck to the spot

  • racist hunter

    Anybody with a little intelligence can create a reasonable argument pro or con for almost anything, and you know what they say about having a little…over compensating…I wonder what kind of car Stuf drives? What is your endgame Stuf? Do you want death to the chive??
    You say that you have the backing of thousands, so why don’t you just start your own site a site with chanter geared

  • Joe

    #25 Challenge accepted.

  • Poeticbum420

    #9 "Olive Juice" works too … for when you gotta be sneaky

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