Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

  • etcrr

    #1 Hell No! #9 Hell Yes!

    • lolers

      hey homo trucker, does your boyfriend know you look at girly pictures?

      • Armed Ann Dangerous

        lolers, that is just a riot…lol…I bet you are the most clever boy in the 6th grade.

    • Paula_

      Oh shut up Stan! Obviously these two should have been combined, superchick flying on the rope!
      And then hit a pillar.

      – the one who'd love this shit

  • The1Architect

    #57 and #59…each adorable in their own way.

  • fr2xedom

    #57 Awesome motivating idea, check, clippers, check, …here kitty kitty kitty

    • phideauxe

      haha thx u made me laugh

    • herp de derp

      everybody loves a shaved pussy

      • Peter Griffin

        lolers, that is just a riot…lol…I bet you are the most clever boy in the 6th grade.

  • etcrr

    #52 Yes Dear, I'll only have one tonight I promise

  • Loud@theClouds

    Who is #40?

  • Armed Ann Dangerous

    Hey, look at the tits! I'll bet there's…57 tits up there.

    • http://what Hugh Johnson

      Ann Dangerous quotes Steve Matin’s material and doesn’t give due credit. There’s a word for that: starts with a “P” …. ends with ‘ism”…… anyone??

      • Georges Seurat


      • Pink Floyd


      • George Washington


      • God


      • God again


      • Jazus Kresst

        Paleantism? Palintism?

      • Woopty Doo

        Philippine Institute for Supply Management????

      • Mason420

        priaprism? It's priaprism isn't it.

        • its_forge

          You people are all WINNERS. And not lame dope-fiend Charlie Sheen winners either, I mean real ones.

        • God again

          It's actually Priapism. Good one though, I forgot all about that one. Of course that viagra is the devil's work.

  • mark

    whos #3?

  • Richard

    Women are so goddamn beautiful…not much more can be said.

    • http://what Mike Hawk

      Sorry, Richard, “SOME” women are so GD beautiful.

    • Fkn Nick, Duh

      hey, anyway you can be more vague? too specific there

    • Martin

      You almost convinced us you're hetero.

  • Dan

    #58 Freshly made one week ago!

    • Martin

      Yep, that was the implication. Good Job!

    • Okuma

      You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • wowed in texas

    #40 will you marry me? …or at least moar me!

    • its_forge

      Looks *just* like a girlie here at the office but if that's her I have absolutely NO idea why she has such trouble getting a guy to commit. I mean holy Christ what a figure.

      • Pre-Op

        Maybe it because of Mr. Peepers.

  • matt

    #13 FIND HER! caint blame the guy.. That’s not a rack, that’s a damn shelf 8-P

    • EOD Guy

      Well that's the nicest shelf I've ever seen!

  • Jason

    #59 Who is that!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

  • salute my shorts

    #37 You distract the bitch while i get the snausages. We meet up by the tree to split the loot.

    • TTURedRaider87

      Got the bitch a snausage. Bitches love snausages.

      • oifu

        shut the fuck up with that old shit

    • Shorty

      Love your name. One of my favorite shows growing up.

  • woody81

    #59 oh yes
    #24 huh?

  • Big Charles

    just…yes. Please, thank you, and anything else, YES!

  • Big Charles

    p.s. # 59 Be my Valentine? No seriously, will you?

    • Martin

      I think you'd have a better chance with her if you'd put your # next to your 59, no spaces.

      • Big Charles


        • Martin


  • dbsnydes

    #29 annnd just noticed Romo …

  • 007

    #40 perfect bod, love the thick tits and thighs…

    • SPfan

      I'm not religious either, so I can just thank the person who shopped this pic
      Look in the lower right, you'll see it's been reworked

      • Leeks

        You mean the part with the Chive watermark? I'm guessing it's because they added the watermark…

      • Just a thought

        You're right but it looks like it's just there. Perhaps to remove a logo from some other site that may have posted it.

    • lexie

      I wouldn't exactly call those "thick" thighs, but yes nice tits

    • zowie

      definitely shopped. look at her waist . . . kinda misshaped

  • Anonymous

    #52 what is that drink?

  • YunChoe

    #31 Horse Bradying like a Boss

    • Curious

      Can someone explain what "BRADYING" means or was the intention braying?

  • sheratonii

    #6 Fuck you, I'mma do a handstand in the snow.

    • monkey sampan

      Park-our anyone?

  • BloodScrubber

    #6 New Olympic sport…Car Vaulting hasn't quite caught on yet. 😉

    • Wiener



  • csor1120

    #3 #13 and #17 MOARRRR!!!!

  • etcrr

    #17 #21 #40 #59 Very hot and Gorgeous nice end to the week Chive On!

    • AmBush_Steve

      I'm not a religious person at all, but just in case there is a higher being, well done sir. Well done.

    • JustForYou

      #59 is Jillian Welsh

      • phoenixpwns

        I love you man.

  • irons

    #40 Goddam that looks like fun

    • Fkn Nick, Duh

      She makes my pants fit more snug

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