Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

  • Rockchalk

    #36 Perfect. #40 #59 Gorgeous.

  • Greaper

    #9 #17 #59 Insanely hot all.

  • Chi-town

    Who is #17?

  • Anonymous

    Marry me #59…. I’m a fireman/police officer and and and…. YOUR GORGEOUS!!!

  • tt

    #59 are you serious! Find her and more of her pics. She’s perfect!

  • James

    #50 you are my weekly winner!

  • Thompson

    #59 who is she? Perfection. Moar!

  • emmers

    #2 Is in Dallas TX!!!! YESSS.
    They are good tacos, shredded pork and beef.

  • doug

    36 – lost in translation?

    • mike

      It's called the Throne of Weapons, part of the effort by the people of Mozambique to recover and reconcile from their long civil war. When the war finally ended, they had a hell of a lot of guns and such to deal with, kind of like whats going on in libya at the moment. So someone had the great idea of decommissioning them and using the metal as a sort of memorial art work to the war. I think its on exhibit in the british museum at the moment.

  • BonerBeater

    #40, gave me a Boner!

    • Anonymous

      #40 is Chrystal durnan. FSU

  • bryanwalcock

    #15 I don't get it…

    • Eric

      I-pad no bible

  • Eric

    #52 My wife insists that i now find this place. Help me get her drunk so I can get laid any one know where this was taken

  • Simon

    Not shown; #1's enormous balls.

  • oltimey

    #43 WWII Resistance Museum in Oslo Norway. Right around the corner from this chair is a freaking wall of rifles. You litteraly turn a corner in a hall and are face to face with 500 rifle barrels. It a collection of the rifles that where left over from then Nazi occupation.

  • Anonymous

    More of #40

  • Canam5105

    More # 40

  • hartkey

    Dear #40 you are the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen…goddess like

  • The Finder
  • Zach

    #18 I quit IBM this week. My boss asked why? I told him money. The real reason? Bill Murray told me "Ray? You have been a bad monkey." Then he totally crossed the streams.

  • Guest1

    Hahahaha, we used to use the mask from #48 when we played "Old Maid" when I was a kid. The loser had to wear the mask. There are some hilarious home movies XD

  • DeZZy

    #40 My dick just moved

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand #2, #20 or #58

  • LeonardoB

    #42 Hover Hug

  • Rayj716

    OMG, #9 is the hottest supergirl ever!! 17 is just perfect, hotter then 59 and 50 in my opinion.

  • Bizzle

    Is #11 Larry Bird???

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