Daily Morning Awesomeness (25 Photos)

  • whistler

    So ya the reason that they don’t post re runs of soul train is boobs. If you actually hired someone to continue your reverse racism bullshit your even more of an idiot than the guy that proposed SOPA. I now see what people were talking about in other posts. Just another fuckin *$#?&/ lookin to get paid off someone else’s work. Do the world a favor, hire Don King, he’s black, which makes you home boys right? Anyway hire him and set up a wonderful ppv event with all the other black people that don’t get enough attention, and Headline that sob. By burning yourself to death! Quit wasting my air and go die in a fire, or Chase a whale……idiot.

  • Bekka

    Just did number 11, took all of 10 seconds

  • Anonymous

    #10 and to believe mila kunis was dating him. I will never understand it and forever be jealous.

  • two way steet.

    The Stuf person should stop being a cry baby TOOL, and get some black girls to send in some sexy pics. Thechive, as far as I can tell likes hot chicks of any creed, so get some black chicks to send in those pics for us to drool over….. And web sites among many other things are devoted to blacks and blacks only but no one see's that as racist. But a site that has most all races is racist because they don't have enough of the race you want????? That"s racist of YOU!!

  • AET2

    #20 AND ITS GOOD!!!

  • fishburgsssss

    #19 is the pig truck, i saw it on food network and its suposed to have the best pulled pork sammich around…one sexy day i will indulge this beautiful piece of pork

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