Move over sliced bread, the camera phone is a game changer (38 photos)

  • Woody


    • andrew

      who's number 7! find her

      • bonbon


    • Joe

      YOUR RACIST!!!!! Jk Chive is awesome.

  • shlsda


    • otto

      First at failing

    • dboy

      Nope! Chuck Testa

  • May

    #30 is grossssss!

    • Deesnuts

      The one in the back isnt.

      • MayMustBGay

        Gross? She could smother you with her ass… are u kidding me? I'll take a number if you wont…

    • whos.mike

      I would pound that til her ass gaped so big that a truck could be driven through it.

      • I_Hate_Paula

        aka you would probably finish after three pumps

    • Big Nate

      You sir have no taste in women!

    • tommy2X4

      You must be a little white boy. You might change your mind when you become a real man.

      • wow just wow...

        Yes because people often grow form a little white boy into a big black man…

        • @rockstar_323

          Michael Jackson went from a black boy to a white woman so anything is possible.

          • Korz

            LMAO! I like your comment!

    • TheAutomaticMan

      News update. "Worlds largest tumor removed from hotties ass."

    • Danny

      Man, I would tear that up if she'd let me. Oh my…

    • HamSamich

      you spelled amazing wrong

    • UDown

      Out of all these beautiful women…this one made my nutz tingle. Some of you guys just don't know what curves are for.

      • Blue

        AGREED! Making my twins hurt!

    • yeppers

      I sort of agree with the OP, although I wouldn't call her gross..imo she's hot but her ass looks kinda deformed, like she's trying too hard to push it out., or she used to be fat and worked out but hasn't got the ass down to size yet. Something just looks wrong. The woman at the sink in the black dress has the better ass…but that's just my opinion.

      • sadman

        "…ass down to size yet." Why don't we cut the tenderloin from our T-bone steak, so we can have a piece of meat that is easier to handle? Should we also cut our cigars in half? Maybe half a shot of bourbon, instead of having it neat in my glass?

        Also, she is what a lot of bodybuilders look like when they are not in competition.

    • Underdosed

      Gross? Gotta be a queer

    • Underdosed

      Must have a small one……stick to little boy shaped girls and your blow up doll!!!

    • NIKO

      30 is perfect

    • DoomsDayDub

      Speaking of gross, what the hell is going on with the fingers on the right hand of #38 ? Is it just more or do those things look fake.

    • bob

      know how i know you're gay?

    • Kevin

      This Woman has a HOT!!!! Body Great BODY!!!

    • Edwin

      That is a good old fashioned bedonkadonk butt.

  • bob_the_cook

    If there are so many beautiful women willing to display their delicious selves on the internet, why is it so damn hard to find them in daily life? …and why does it usually result in jail time?

    • HatBomb

      Forever alone…

  • Kcruz09

    #36 great start to the weekend

    • Coop

      Siri, take a picture of me naked

  • PJ

    #27 looks like one of those real dolls…FAIL!

    • spydermonkey

      I'm sure that's exactly what you'd say if she was trying to get into your pants.

      • PJ

        actually yes it is.

    • @danieljillm

      Watch out for cigarette burns – she's covering something up

  • Onetime

    #9 and #38 please!!!

  • Deuce

    #30 mothet of god!

    • Woah

      is that thing real?!

      • Ghetto Boooooty

        Yeah, real ghetto. Fat ass whore

        • Underdosed

          Forever Alone

    • OhSomeEvil

      thats a big shitter

    • Bobby

      I desperately want to make love to a schoolboy

    • Wayne


    • bdg

      She need to be my baby mama!!!

  • drbman


  • lovemethefrench

    #5 Snookie Tan!

    • KingKongAintGotSHHH

      Is that Bree Olsen?

      • qwert

        she's so… ahem… talented

      • Guest

        Yes, it is Bree Olsen. This is a pic she released using twitter.

    • @xgbarry

      you be nice to bree olson, she's a goddess

  • Hassel Shattnerhoff

    #8 Love it, would love to see the reverse angle
    #30 talk about your badonkadonks!

  • Anonymous

    That’s what im talkin bout

  • passwordistaco

    #16 Jackpot!

    • echogeo

      NOW KISS!

    • Rodd Hungwell

      Now Kiss!!!

      • Rodd Hungwell

        Statement retracted as thought coveyed previously.

    • the dude

      now fuck!

    • dominantone

      blaster really? come on . .

    • bisonbade

      this one made my boner tingle

    • Matt Tatt

      Quads check
      Beer check
      Half naked blondes check
      my weekend plans are set !

    • Crazy

      Have the same quad, unfortunately mine did not come with those accessories! :/

    • @imjustgeo

      My only question is: where is the mirror they used for this picture? :S

  • TLSBB1

    find all of them if not at least find #16

  • J

    Dear Lord 38 & 36..

  • TWON925

    #37 this one has the look of a psycho ex-girlfriend all over it

    • dustin

      im fine with that

    • Mark

      I know her and you are correct…

    • _ThisGuy_

      Worth the crazy though.

    • Charlie

      Doesn't matter. Had sex

  • BigPup

    #1 Makes my pants tight…

    • Gmoney

      Green quarter….YEY

    • Jay

      You're still wearing pants?

    • oTToman

      just awesome !!!

    • Zac

      Her name is Jennifer Stano

    • CJ!

      mine t……oops, nevermind!!

  • Dustin

    God made thechive because Christmas only comes once a year.

    • Al Gore

      yeah but i cum everyday on your face.

      • CJ!

        if that's true then you're looking at the wrong pics! Then again, maybe you swing both ways, to each his own!

  • Tillman61

    #33 Most clothes, but prettiest face. #16 Whoever took that picture, if you're male, props for keeping the camera steady.

    • dustin

      you only need one hand to keep the camera steady

    • yup

      33 is beautiful.

    • dominantone

      he's probably 12 if hes 4 wheeler has anything to say about it.

  • echogeo

    #9…number 9, number 9, number 9…

    ~John Lennon

    • Trivial Buff

      john lennon thought about fucking his mother. true story, look it up.

    • william

      *9 definately the prettiest one of all. #30 with her huge behind must be a black thing… but she does look grossly wierd.

  • TWON925

    i have a sudden craving for Pop-Tarts right now

  • @lukeskynski

    #14 hot!
    #10 scary!

    • BSS

      #10 someone give her a sandwich

      • dustin

        and by sandwich do you mean #16

      • BSSS

        and then force her to keep it down.

    • imhungry

      my thoughts exactly!

  • AllanA

    #8 Very cute!

    #10 #17 #24 #28 We need MOAR ASAP….Damn!

    #16 Now kiss!!!

  • scottyboy16

    I'd love to tap #1, #18 and #36

  • Bullwinkle

    #21 and #28 aren't camera phone's either dummies. Quality ladies, dumb theme for a post!

    • Chiv3On

      Know how I know that you're gay?

      • Bullwinkle

        You sucked my dick?

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