Rare photos of celebs hanging out together is almost surreal (25 Photos)


  • jlb


    I pity the fool that doesn't carry his own utensils everywhere he goes.

  • Yaya

    Paul Newman makes me salivate.

  • Richard

    #7 I love Bukowski's prose, but find his poetry meh. I think I may have to watch Barfly this evening after seeing this pic.

  • Allen

    #14 – Epic Camel Toe!

  • kt

    This isn’t weird… #15…don’t they usually all know eachother?

    …just said that to see if stfu will freak out. teehee.

  • derp

    Thank god, l thought for sure I would see a picture of fucking john lennon. John lennon was a lazy piece of shit and the beatles sucked

  • Twigfinger

    #18, Grace Kelly – simply astounding.

  • funny guy

    #24 Gene Hackman : “You want me to take a picture with this clown?, I’m out of here buddy”.

  • Al Gore

    I got a gangster in my pants for you.

  • http://what Hugh Johnson

    Remember this early 1970s photo of Elton John (#14) next time you see him wearing that FOOLISH wig he’s been wearing for years.

  • NotThatGuy

    #15: Totally left out Mr. Tommy Lee Jones NOT laughing at Will Smith's more than likely g-rated, "ok at best", joke.

  • dbeehner

    Q: Why was Liberace walking around with a mouthful of ice cubes?
    A: So he could cold cock the next guy he saw

  • Rett

    #18 – Grace Kelly, among the most stunningly beautiful of all time.

  • testudo321

    Looks like Mr. T is always ready for a full meal!

  • John

    There are so many potential captions for these photos. Please Chive/Chivers, would someone with photoshop skills make a second post of captions for these photos? Thumbs up if you agree!!!

  • Cr0daddy

    # 9 is the awesome nexus, #25 is..really? muhammed ali is on this gallery and you end w/ the dude from the office lol

  • Bandito


  • misslincecum

    Tommy Lee Jones is definitely making an appearance in #15 as well…

  • Anonymous

    #9 There’s some cool guys!

  • Jeffro

    It almost hurts to see #1. 20 to 25 years ago Slash and Ozzy wouldn't be drinking tea. They'd be passed out amongst copious amounts of alcohol, groupies, and blow…

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