Right or wrong, this Dad teaches his daughter a serious lesson for her Facebook rant (Video)

This is a fairly controversial method for dealing with a rebellious kid. I’ll let Chivers judge for themselves whether or not this dad was in the right or completely out of control. Either way, this video is just too damn interesting to pass up. Enjoy.

  • MC55

    I agree… this guy is a major ass and bad example. Screw all of these idiots praising him. Cigarettes, guns and Ron Paul (who this ass supports) is all you need to know about this right wing nut.

  • Elerson

    LOL As parent of a teenager – RIGHT ON DAD!

  • ZombieV

    For everyone on here who doesn't agree with what he did, you are part of the problem, not the solution. Kids these days are such spoiled rotten brats. There needs to be more dads like this guy! THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME HOPE and making an example out of your child! I hope she learned her lesson!

  • Dude

    Why are so many celebrating the Dad for reacting in anger. His job is to give her rules while at the same time teaching her responsibility. Her job is to grow into an individual, her job is to say "No, I am my own person"

    I'm not arguing that her passive-aggressive facebook post was appropriate, but her father's reaction is irresponsible and over the top and only teaches her that her Dad is volatile and prone to shoot shit up. And that if she does not fall in line he will come down on her. Is she learning to think for herself, no. Is she learning self discipline, no. So when she picks an immature, temperamental husband, that reacts violently when she sticks up for herself the father can take credit for starting the pattern. Good on you, Dad, you're a stud!

  • tonicmole

    Awesome! The Father won! Sure he lost his daughter, who will basically never trust or talk to him again, but I'm sure it was totally worth it. I hope that sacrificing his relationship with his own child makes up for all he has just lost. Sure it might come of as pathetic and childish on his part but he REALLY wanted to make a point. And that point is that being the boss is more important then his daughter. Nice buddy. Real nice.

  • guest

    He's pathetic and he has the child he deserves.

  • doglover1

    That was amazing. That guy is the man.

  • Ron M.

    Sort of a Redneck way of dealing with this but I can't completely disagree. I think he and his daughter need to spend a lot more time together. They are both probably pretty good people–even though his kid is spoiled rotten. Good Luck, Dad!

  • Remesz1

    I'm not a hundred percent sure about the validity of this, but the site has replies from the father. According to that, the kid is baffled as to why people think she'd become a stripper/whore/psychopath.
    As for myself, I couldn't agree more with what he did. I'm 19, and I can tell which of my friends and coworkers were made to do chores and which were pampered just in their work ethic.

  • Vdub

    I agree with this guy 110% .. I would do the same

  • ts1337

    lol noone caught that chive put Labtop in the title instead of laptop?

  • Anonymous

    Hell yes Aman for this guy us teenagers need some order in life his girl will look back and thank him on day

  • lori b

    This is freakin' awesome. And for anyone who claims her parents are abusive, um, this spoiled little brat complains about less chores than I had at 13 and never says one word about 'he called me this' 'they beat me for that' which I'm very sure she would if it was happening. Could the dad have censored that? Sure. But he says he grounded her for 3 months, after more than 1 offense. Not he whipped her and locked her in the tool shed. And the little brat's response? To block her parents from her facebook wall, aka sneaking behind their backs, and posting this crap. Using the upgraded software her father had just bought her no less. The only thing I would've done different is reloaded.

  • Jake

    You buy her software for $130 and then shoot the laptop, instead of making her get a job and work for it in the first place. Great parenting, seriously, can't see what's wrong with it. My parents haven't bought me anything I own they support me, but they don't buy me stuff. And what's up with the gun? Stupid, completely mindblowingly stupid!

  • J Rod

    Guy is kind of a tool, but a very necessary lesson to some of the oblivious 15 year old douch wagons out there

  • Charlie

    I'm trying to make it 1000 comments

  • dude

    Buying software? Are you kidding me? Things seem pretty rough in the US… Anyone care to explain?

  • sparky

    spoiled brat… Go Dad!

  • Blake

    This guy is awesome!

  • Kevin

    WOOOHOOOO!!!!! Get it dad, Im only 22 and I see the sense in this. You've got to WORK hard to earn anything and if you want respect you should be showing it!!!

  • themadzak

    Go ahead and pay her, dad. 15-30 min of chores? At minimum wage? Giver her $4.00 a day. Then give her a bill for what she would have to pay for her share of the rent and utilities.
    $4.00 x 30 days (in a month) = $120.
    Her share of rent, utilities for a typical apartment for three people (mod, dad, her) plus food, clothing, makeup, etc = $750.
    Seems she is a little short.
    Kids just don't get it.

    Another Dad.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! And the dbags that post crap against him are the spoiled rotten kids who's parents didn't discipline them.

  • jon

    I kinda think it is funny but not really. As her father he needs to talk to her and not her facebook friends. He is acting like his daughter and bitching on facebook about how much of a bad person she is. When he is mad that she whined on facebook about him.

  • radishes

    Wow, what a bunch of stupid people hang out here. What a useless human being this guy is.

  • scottgoins
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