Right or wrong, this Dad teaches his daughter a serious lesson for her Facebook rant (Video)

This is a fairly controversial method for dealing with a rebellious kid. I’ll let Chivers judge for themselves whether or not this dad was in the right or completely out of control. Either way, this video is just too damn interesting to pass up. Enjoy.

  • Maggie Maggle

    To me this says the family needs some communication. Shooting a laptop is the American way …wasting something useful. This father has now severed any communication he had with his daughter and severely damaged any relationship. Talk to your kids! Remember they are kids not adults and they don't think like an adult until they are 23! As far as the laptop… come on dude…. give it to the schools, the homeless shelter…. wow!

  • Trudy

    Dads a straight bad ass, she got what was coming. Maybe not enough.

  • Dashael Sway

    The only thing in this video that i had a problem with, is the loss of the laptop. but then again i thought he was gonna smash it not shoot it with a freaking 44. And to anyone born in the 90's or younger who think this guys a dick, shut the hell up you whiny little bitches and respect ur fuckin elders. Cause in the end they had to go though more shit then we will ever understand and in the process learned more then we will ever know. and they have god damned earned respect.

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    A bullet thew your laptop!

  • TripAndDie

    I’m a kid and in 2012 born in the late 90’s and seeing people treat the elders like this posses me off. I was raised with respect and responsibility. I went out and got myself a job because I decide I needed to or else I would sit around and play video games all day. I’m also not one of those sterotypical country kids either, I was born and raised in the city. Some of my friends treat their parents this way (as Hannah treats her parents) and when they do that I cringe because my parents would punish me hard but instead the parents take it and walk away. Also forget about the racism thing that only (and I’m not meaning this as a degradation to anybody) non-white parents punish their kids. My family is all white (we respect and embrace other cultures because we have a very rare thing these days called respect and caring towards others). So parents of these kids, stop just avoiding confrontation, stand up to your little self-entitled shitheads and show them who’s boss, because I know if I were to treat people like this I would want to punish myself.

  • Clay

    Well Hannah, you had it coming! Go dad!

  • Steve

    Hahaha hell yes that’s fuckin badass you go old man

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