Take a trip down memory lane (35 Photos)


    #17 ive missed you kelly

  • http://www.thechive.com DuckinAwesome

    Who is that at #17?

  • Big Joe

    Quit bickering and just show me Beeebies!!!!!

  • Mike

    #1 What the hell?!?! I'm the blonde kid!? I don't mean that in a… I used to play that game, I mean, I'm *actually* that kid. Who the hell submitted this?

    Some background, this was taken in GA, likely in Phipps Plaza or Lenox mall. I was 9 at the time. And I always played as either NightCrawler or Wolvie. (Was there a nIghtcrawler, or am I going nuts?)

    • jh

      Those in #1 where my best friends in grade school. I probably had next game. Wtf

    • jh

      Actually its in Indiana

      • sts

        Hey! You're right! How'd you know?

  • Drewski

    #23 I give this picture 2 snaps, and a twist

  • Brian

    #34 The final result is always "Fag."

  • Drewski

    Oops I meant #32

  • GamerGirl84

    #31 Oh man…I LOVED this game way back in the day on the Sega Genesis 😀

  • Anonymous

    #23 fckin tape player ate the tape. Get me a pen to wind it up!!!

  • Clover

    #1 and #10 The most addicting arcade games I have ever played.

  • Dave

    #2 burned it

  • Jprecks

    #23 Dat rewind

  • snpshotsniper

    #32…..Haaaated iiit!

  • drea619

    #10 fav arcade game ever

  • Colossus

    #1 Wooooaaaarghhhhhhh!!!

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #23 haha, so true. Using the finger was more effective though!

  • JustinFL

    I call bullshit on #19 and #27 Neither of these systems are the originals.


    #24 I miss those wheels they were certified BADASS.

    • wiley

      Are those Schwinn Scramblers?

  • young-jacko31™

    #23 u had to use that pen to wine the tape back or to fix it ahaha

  • Chief choctaw red

    #32 “welcome to another episode of mens on film”…classic!!!

  • KorovaMilkBar


  • akismet-b52a98ecec3ca1b60ded01ec45cd03fd

    #6 … Awesome

  • Tom


  • Anonymous

    #17 is tiffani thiessen

  • http://www.thechive.com DuckinAwesome

    Kelly who?

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