The awkward posing olympics are in full swing (21 Photos)

  • Migga

    #17’cool w me!

  • Anaughtybear

    This should have been called 'Girls that are dead behind the eyes'.

  • nsjajaj

    well, modeling is not for everybody

  • d1gitalpunk

    #10 thats actually kind of cool

  • Shorty

    #3 Just taking a moment to write down my winning lottery numbers…

    #2 And Vogue

  • Shorty

    #6 Even more proof that the fixie trend is lame.

  • Shorty

    #14 Awkward but somehow hot.

  • bill

    wow #3,great legs,awesome ass.yummy,yummy,lick.

  • MaxxyWaxxy

    #14 must find this field

  • Bobo

    Aren’t all of these chicks mail order brides?

  • Simon

    Meh, I'd still do most of these chicks.

  • http://what Mike Hunt

    Number 14: “oh, don’t mind me, just working out with little dumbbells in the middle of a grassy field ….. totally makes sense…”

  • anon

    I almost pissed myself when I got to #20 hahaha

  • Anonymous

    #14 Nuff said

  • Ricco

    I've seen my cat do this.

    • Ricco


  • Cyb3rStalk3r

    This is why you shouldn't think that someone is a photographer just because they have a camera that cost over $300.

  • Glenn

    #11 One MILLION Dollars!

  • Rick

    #18 she just eye fcked me n I liked it

  • Dik-ed

    How about every single one of that dude in the chive shirts, doing his "handsome" pose…

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