Viceroy Bali Resort: A hotel I would find hard to leave while on vacation (32 HQ Photos)


  • first


    • r@f

      well, no beach, no deal.

  • myself

    The problem I have with going to a place like that, even for a couple days is that I would have the desire to end it all because I had to leave.

  • brady

    $1500 could be so much better spent in bali

  • MattKL

    My thoughts are that this is a place I'll need to go with my wives in the future.

  • bob

    Stayed there and it's not that expensive when you book it in Bali and not from your home country.
    I think we paid about 250$/night and it was not the cheapest room available.

    • tedco


    • WTF


  • mrjimmyos

    Very very nice! Although for the price I'd rather stay at Lake Louise hotel in Banff, Canada ( )

  • Mc3

    #15 Ultra luxury hotel…..90's hot tub

  • spicticus

    I would love to stay here.

  • bubblerider86

    yea, i think i could be happy there 🙂

    • etcrr

      i will take you ther if you will tuch my penis and because of my penis take you there i can be your chiver

      • passwordistaco

        fuckoffstan is that you? (still, had me laughing my ass off)

  • Ocram

    Ahh frik….6am, getting ready to suit up for my bike ride to school in -15 C weather to spend all day inside a kitchen…these pictures are…testing hah

  • chillassbeejay

    Insert many Chivettes into that resort and you have heaven.

  • ramon

    Did anyone else imagine the star wars Earth Vader intro music as soon as they read Viceroy?

  • tim

    Yep checked my schedule i can move in on wensday!!!!

    • JHL1

      Who's Wen?

  • P-Willy

    Seems legit, but when I vacation I like to get out and explore/ dive, hike, experience the local culture. This place would just keep you there. Not much fun to me.

    • Ksweens

      same. I would rather be out sailing, hiking, scuba diving and other such things than stay here. Not to say its isn't awesome 🙂

      • ksweens


  • @lukeskynski

    damn you rich folk!

  • Tony

    I effing hate the 1%…..

    • ST33

      You wish you were a part of the 1%

    • yousuck

      Quit your whining and maybe of you worked your ass off once in a while you might get somewhere….retard

  • LLD

    Needs lots of local hotties in mini skirts and moist silk blouses to make it worthy. As it is, this is just an architectural digest spread. Big deal.

  • Zedhere

    Added to the BUCKET LIST. Thanks for adding another one, chive!

  • Woodrowrules

    I'd go to any of those places and KCCO

  • gem

    Would love to go there but there are other places I’d like to go instead.

  • Guest

    The only thing that slowed the scroll was the helicopter, and even it looked a bit over the top.

  • Shinanigins

    While this place is amazing it needs more beach for my taste

    • bMoles

      Agreed. No beach, no deal.

    • Greg

      Yea but if this same place was on or near a beach – it would be 3x as much

  • bMoles


  • Silky the slut!

    I’d make babies there!

  • Woody

    #29 #30 i would definitely pee in that pool

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