Cat Saturday (28 Photos)

  • Chivin' Dutchman

    1. Fuck Wiener
    2. Am I the only one getting sick of this annoying cat language? Don't mind captions, do mind the annoying spelling.

    • Yup...


      a z or two can add a cuteness factor, but 90% are overboard

  • CorrectionArms



  • nananamatman

    your opinion matters

  • Lola

    I always look forward to cat Saturday. It makes me laugh.

  • iKeepCalm

    Dogs > Cats

  • Bordertown


  • Tired of Pussies

    Shut the fuck up, the chive didn't ask you to visit the site, and there is such a thing as freedom of press. So go cry to someone else who gives two shits.

  • Dude

    So is this guy/ girl going to every site on the web and determining their racial inclusions/exclusions? Or are they just zeroing in on theChive? Are they attacking true white supremacist sites that don’t include people of color too? I think I only have one “black” friend in my friends list on Facebook, is he going to have me shut down too? Damn, might as well shut down the entire world wide web for being a vehicle to promote racism on a global scale.

    I like turtles, does that make me racist towards llamas?

  • Mike Ock

    What the hell is wrong with you. I think we all know who the racist is. People like you that attempt to find racism.

    • Simon

      Seriously stuf, do you even bother checking where you post your self-righteous nonsense?

  • Jastogie

    There needs to be a Dog Day Afternoon. Cats suck, aren’t funny. I guess they have this to make the Chivetts happy.

  • Chris

    Who is commenter named Wiener, obviously his comments need to be removed from the chive and his email blocked.

    Cat Saturday = best

    • Freezin'

      OMG. wiener, You win the Golden Teardrop for officially having the saddest life of anyone in the western world. Step forward and collect your award and then take a step back and look at your damn life.

    • Beans

      Sad Wiener is sad 😦

  • myself

    Holy shit, way to suck the fun out of cat Saturday.

  • cattique

    What is everybody's problem. This is suppose to be about the cats.

  • @NaiWongBao

    was it ever called "CAT-erday?" I don't know why i always thought it was caturday and not cat saturday.

  • M3rkn

    Stuf. Somehow you are here on cat Saturday and still spouting your BS. What not enough “black ” cats for ya. This is an entertainment site. GTFO. Find a new hobby
    “institutionalized racism” stretching it a bit don’t you think. Just so us racists can understand you better. What would make you happy? What is your ideal? Or is it you have nothing better to do. I would like you to boycott King Magizne and it’s website for me there is not enough “white” on the site for my liking. Or shoul I just not go to that site. If you are this passionate about it please Help stop the hate an pin it on people that are just entertaining.

  • jbomb

    Cat Saturday, first thing I do on saturdays…if not hungover

  • marcussam

    Chive Please #12 in HQ…Want it as wallpaper on my Deskt…

  • Paula_
    • sixdeadelves

      i'v missed you

    • amrith777

      PAULA!! I've MISSED you!! I thought you were gone forever,Baby!! *Hugs her frantically*

      • Paula_

        Old trolls never die; they just multiply.

        Big Hug,
        – the one you love to hate

  • Jamie

    #26 win

    • fail

      Those girls are fat.

  • Anonymous


  • doerte

    #19 i want that dog.

    • PapaB

      you want that WOLF. . . and high percentage wolf hybrids and or just full blood wolves themselves aren't really sociable animals. There's a lot that goes into it, my friend has a high percentage wolf hybrid dog and it's skiddish like a coyote and doesn't trust a soul. The only "in" you can get with the animal is early in it's life, 19 weeks is it's cut off point where it completes whatever "pack" it's going to be in. Also, don't get sick. Wolves are alphas, they'll always fight for top position so if they sense that you're not running at 100% they'll try to take advantage of that. They also require a lot of food, about 5-6 lbs. of real meat not dog chow every day and enough exercise and brain stimulus for it not to run away.

      But if you can manage all of that and still have a social life, then by all means bro, get one

  • AC

    #26 please be real!

  • Elizabeth

    # 1. BEST. PHOTO. EVER. Yes Im a potter head and proud of it! CHIVE ON!

  • jackie

    I love caturday.

  • Matt

    I lovvkittys!

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