Cat Saturday (28 Photos)

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  • bubs

    Wiener is a chode.

  • Anne

    I Love cat saturday!

  • FunknastyFOX

    These cats are the only way I can enjoy them. As I am very allergic to them. Plus my German shephard doesn’t take kindly to them either

  • That Canadian Guy

    #13 would be soooo much funnier if it was written in English, not whatever the fuck that is supposed to be.

  • sheratonii

    This post is racist. Not enough black cats.

  • MattKL

    #2 turns water into catnip.

  • Mitchiver

    #6 anyone notice the size of that pussy on that pussy?

    • Nuetered cat

      That’s a tomcat sans testicles..

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  • 1inchpunch

    Stuf YOUR weiner up your pooper…

  • farrier chiver

    Instead of cat Saturday you should do kcco shirts are in stock Saturday. Pleaseeeeee!!! I need to keep calm and Chive on while I’m shoeing horses!

  • etcrr

    #19 Don't mess with me, cat

  • kleenex

    Why is this not called "caturday"???

  • NIck

  • Byron_Black

    #21 Whoever's touching my whiskers is gonna get it! Oh, it me.

  • theNerdist

    when will there be a post for dogs? like maybe dog sunday, or something.

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  • Snail

    #1 My kinda cat!

  • Odie

    #13: Looks like Church from Pet Sematary.

  • lori

    Who is weiner?

  • Skribblez

    Anyone else notice 2 harry potter books throughout the pictures?

  • penguinpirate5x

    I think Chives fans will like this page.

  • Carlos SLB

    #28 SOON…..

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  • tail gate and enjoy life
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