• BeatItRaw

    If this story is true… It's so sad that she gave up 30-40 years of life with her family for Drugs…

  • Surprised

    I'm shocked, how did Bobby Brown outlive Whitney

    • JAMES

      She "beat" to something!

  • erica

    Have a little respect…she obviously had a problem but who is anyone to judge? Harsh comments aren’t needed when someone has passed away. Think of her family who now has to pick up the pieces and continue on without someone they love.

    • Bobby Brown

      Let me shut you by putting my stiffy in that mouth guuurl.

  • bobbybrown

    Damn! Now who will I hit?


    RIP beautiful lady

  • shtsquid

    So i guess we're all supposed to feel sad on the premise that she was a singer and a celebrity right? Although they haven't said what the cause was, one can automatically assume it was drug/alcohol related. Well what about every other drug addict who dies in the same manner? Noone gives a flying fuck about them, but the minute a celebrity ODs or fucks up big time, we're supposed to be overrun with sympathy for her and her family, because she needed help with this so called "disease" as Dr. Drew likes to call it. FUCK THAT. Have a nice dirt nap.

    • doughy

      The reason people pay more attention to her is cause she touched so many with her music. Have you made some awesome accomplishment that entitles you to have an opinion? No one is sad a crackwhore died, people are sad an artist died an artist that could out smoke you and anyone else! She was an iron lung!

      • wakeup

        I like everyone else on this planet are entitled to our own opinions and have the freedom to state our opinions when we want regardless. She can outsmoke me? Well good for her, like I give a fuck since i don't smoke in the first place. Second of all, if thats your idea of an accomplishment, the best thing you'll ever accomplish is head burger flipper at Mc Crap. Whitney brought on her death herself she chose to go that route….and from me she will get no sympathy for ruining her own life…it was her own lack of character and self preservation.

  • Johnson

    To whoever said this:
    First Michael Jackson… now Whitney…. Music is dead…

    Who cares? Ones a pedophile, gay freak, the other a crackhead that wasted probably a fortune on drugs.

    • Prince

      Don't forget Amy Whinehouse!

      Oh wait.. She has been sober for 6 months now!

    • wakeup

      Too true

  • docfester

    Despite all her troubles, she was a great singer….

  • AthensEric

    …and I will always smoke you

  • acloudypanda

    I guess she won't be feeling the heat with anybody

  • dtfall

    i hate tmz

  • Daith_Lee

    Damn Bobby Brown…

  • Tinman65

    To ALL the people with negative comments, everyone is allowed an opinion,thats the great thing about freedom of speech, but just for one minute imagine if your sister or Mom is addicted, and if youre an addict you know whats its like to live every minute with a need for MORE! I have always said only a lack of money really saved me for ODing. Yes she was just another person but she still deserves respect for what she did, just like everybody eles who tries and tries again! so before you rant and rave about crakhead this and dopehead that dont let a quick knee jerk ruin what an open mind, and heart can put forth.

    • LMFAO

      Somebody call a whambulance for this homo..

    • Marty

      Well said and congrats for overcoming your demons. Good to see the Tinman still has a heart and got some of Scarecrows brains as well!

  • fact

    She was a crackhead. Crackheads die, no surprise.

  • Jawbone

    Now who’s doodie bubble will Bobby Brown dig out?!?

  • Anonymous

    it's sad to her go?

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter what she died of..probaly drugs assuming that was the cause, but she is gone it is sad she was a great singer. RIP.

  • dan e

    Does this meet stuf’s requirement for an article featuring a woman of color? Just wondering.

    • myself

      Probably not. He will come and in bitch that Whitney isn't black enough like he did about the girl in another pic.

  • whistler

    She’s aretha franklins god daughter, if I was Willie nelsons god son or nephew I doubt is have trouble selling 50 million albums, and my crack would be weed! I feel no sympathy for her family that allowed her to get to that point or understand how any retarded schmuck is suprised. My mother is an addict, and I haven’t talked to her in years, people make their own choices, they can either live or die with them. I was actually looking forward to the Grammys too. Not now……

  • Verbal_Kint

    a tragedy and loss of an amazing talent at the hands of "the devils candy". She was the beyonce or mariah of her day.

    • amrith777

      Agreed..Thanks for showing some class,you must be closer to my age….If we dismissed every artist (whatever their craft) because of drug addiction or anything else–that's be a LOOOONG list of dismissals.

      • Ricco

        So true, unfortuantely she died a very long time ago, ever since she married that guy.

  • whistler

    Mariah came out like 4 years after Whitney you twit

  • Kyle429

    I actually feel sorry for all the douchebags on here posting negative comments about Whitney just because she was black, or because she did drugs. We ALL make mistakes people! You can't look at your life and tell me that you haven't fucked up in one way or another. Whitney was one of the most talented and influential musical artists to ever pick up a microphone, and her legacy will be remembered for years to come.


    • Pushing Daisies

      She will be remembered for being a punching bag crack whore. Her second rate voice and shitty acting skills will me nothing more than a footnote.

      • Guest

        Second rate voice?? Are YOU on crack? This is a woman who is almost universally rated as having one of the most powerful voices in the past several decades. There are certainly other women with more technically perfect voices, but to say it was second rate is just you being a troll.

  • BadaBoom

    No one has cared about her or her career for over a decade… So put away the BS sympathy.

  • CB!

    Talented? Yes, amazing singer.

    But honestly, how many of you actually really listened to her or paid her any attention until now? I highly doubt most of us have (I self admit I didn't) so why are you pretending to care?

    Feel sad for her family that lost a loved one, but don't pretend you actually give a fuck about her.

    • amrith777

      I did.

  • Average Honkey

    Welllllllllllll at least the Grammy’s might be interesting now with the obligatory 30 minute memorial to Crackney I mean Whhhitney. Imma go eat some whhhhhheat thins now…and I’m out yall

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