Whitney Houston dies at age 48

Yes, I cried during The Bodyguard. She may have had a run of bad decisions, but she was a talented singer and it's sad to her go. Learn more about the mysterious death of pop singer, Whitney Houston at TMZ.com

  • dochandy

    it's not right, but it's okay…

    • dochandy

      and she was a fantastic singer.

  • Jow

    She is still great.

  • dewd

    Seriously, you guys are a bunch of dicks! I hope you get raped by a herpe infested wumprat and die a slow horrific puss filled death. That is all…

    • Yamomzboyfriend

      How can I see all comments?

      • yourmomsacumdumpster

        get your head out of your ass

  • wilson

    sad to her go

  • HobbesLeviathan

    If you're going to have a memorial post for Whitney Houston…you need to put up a video of her performance of the Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl (1991, IIRC.)

    • amrith777

      A–Fucking-Greed!! I was JUST reminiscing with my father last Sunday how Whitney,in MY opinion,sang the absolute,hand's down Star Spangled Banner EVER!!!

  • keith

    Oh darn. One less coke head. Bobby prob did it.

  • Yamomzboyfriend

    Way to young…..now I gotta hit da club because” I wanna dance with somebody”! R.I.P Whitney!

  • Sam

    A shame people are focusing on her addiction, as if it defined her and somehow demoted her from "human" to "crackhead". She had a great voice and what happened to her is sad.

    • You're the problem

      I guess she wasn't as awesome as you think she was because she rather die a crack head than live as a singer. Shame you can't see people for what they are, part of the problem.

  • Paul

    She was an amazing performer she will be missed an that douche bobby wuz blame’n her for his drug prob what a dick

  • dead crackhead

    Shouldn't this be posted on the Berry so these crying cunts aren't polluting Chive with this gay ass chick shit?

    • Ba ha ha

      Not a fan of the ladies are ya?

      • G-Fresh

        Hey, leave "dead crackhead" alone… probably the chivettes pictures are the closest he'll ever get to a woman.

  • Yamomzboyfriend

    Dude I did not think Chivers were a bunch of heartless bastards! This is someones mother, daughter and an industry icon! Funny is funny but when it happens to someone close to you I’m sure you would not want someone pissin on their grave! I hope life bends you over and karma f@%#+ you right in da ass!

  • JustMartin

    So what if she had a drug problem, that doesn't mean she deserved to die. Everyone has their vices and problems. Show a bit of respect.

    • Talk what you know

      She was a complete asshole and you did not know her so you need to keep your ignorance to yourself.

  • SHD

    So, she finally caught up to her career?

  • tyra

    Sad to hear of this, I hope she finds peace.

  • ImpressMe

    A sad ending to such a beautiful, talented womans life. Those of you posting your childish, hatefilled comments are nothing more than pathetic attention whores looking to get a reaction. It must be sad to be you.

  • matt

    Oh, this is the thread where people pretend they give a shit that Whitney Houston died. Got it.

  • shifty

    SHe left her career and her kids at the bottom of a crack pipe. Who cares… I get it she was a good singer in 1989..

  • Lin Yu Chun
  • Knarles B.

    So, Bobby Brown now has 99 problems but a bitch ain't one?

  • Obama

    You can easily identify all the crack head stoners when they lament the death of a famous crack head stoner. How bout you put down the crack pipe instead of telling us we have no soul, crack head stoner?

  • Epic-cornholio

    Waiting to inhale starring Whitney’s corpse and Tyrece

  • Anonymous

    Wow!! Some venomous shit is being said on the Chive tonight. Figured Chive posters were a bit more human than you get on other sites. Guess I figured wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Lol you mofos crack me up 😉 I love it. It is what is is. If she had killed her kid, she would have been considered/labeled a murdered, not a wonderful singer. A spade is a spade !!!!!! It’s sad that we only recognize or remember someone when they die!!! She’s been irrelevant for decades. You guys are funny. Get a life. MOAR of FLBP please less of this crap. Come on Chive, spare the tears

  • PresCamacho


  • the mac

    Only person that deserves to die is Kim kardashian and her horrible show

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