Whitney Houston dies at age 48

Yes, I cried during The Bodyguard. She may have had a run of bad decisions, but she was a talented singer and it's sad to her go. Learn more about the mysterious death of pop singer, Whitney Houston at TMZ.com

  • BobbyB

    Im as surprised as you are. Even I thought I’d go first. If you havin girl problems I feel bad for you son. Oh and remember kids, CRACK IS WHACK.

  • Chose not to

    If you're young stay off drugs and don't drink excessively.

  • http://www.ultimate.ph Anonymous

    sad.. She’s still young…malaki pa maiaambag nya sa industriya ng musika.

  • abow

    Shut up about Whitney Houston. Why do you care some stupid crack whore died? I bet you haven't heard about Corporal Kevin Reinhard, Corporal Christopher Singer, or Lance Corporal Edward Dycus who gave their lives this month protecting your right to give a shit about something that means nothing to you.

    • joshua

      Your awesome, these real men deserve our attention, not some cracked out has been.

    • Tee

      Who gives a shit about your soldiers!!! Fuck em.

      • Too

        agreed. my freedom wasn't being threatened, so fuck those war mongering pricks.

      • abow

        It'll be s ahitty day for you when we meet in hell

  • Anonymous

    Aren’t drugs a wonderful thing? Get rich, get famous, get high, get stupid with it, get dead.

  • Jamie

    Kiss my ass!!!

  • Tyler

    To all people that are acting broken up about this, and that feel like it really affects their lives. Really? When was the last time you rocked out to a Whitney song? You have a lot of it on your ipod? Really gets you jazzed up? I feel like people feel obligated to mourn the loss of someone because their famous. It sucks that she died, it's never good when goes down that path, and drugs take over their life. I

    • SS Grammar


  • http://celeb-pix.blogspot.com Shazi007

    (Thursday, Feb. 10): Pacific Coast News says that's a wasted Whitney Houston leaving Tru Hollywood nightclub last night "appearing to have blood dripping down her leg and scratches on her wrist." I know, she's making me all hot, too. In related news, apparently you can now pay your bill with crack at Tru Hollywood nightclub. I had no clue!

  • AkljpAklancepriest

    Ok will shut that annoying dude up about not having any women of color on the Chive???? …..oh wait… my bad I didn’t really “read” this one…sorry :+\

  • freshfraser

    I come back from partying to find this up on thechive, sad times. Dark times.

  • Pants

    Seriously, who is she?

  • Anonymous

    And I I I I I I I I will a

  • Capt Obvious!

    This bitch openly admitted to being a racist and drug addict and people feel bad she is gone! Really, Really!!!!

  • Jester

    “crack is whack” aaaannnnndddddd now your dead.

  • etcrr

    R.I.P. now it's all over no worries about whatever it was haunting you

  • Capt Obvious!

    Where was Kevin Costner when Whitney Huston needed him the most?? Dancing with Wolves!

    • Jamie

      Maybe he was investigating the assassination of JFK on Waterworld…

  • joshua

    You cried during the bodyguard Leo? Your man card needs to be revoked. If for nothing else, admitting to watching that movie…

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck is wrong with you people. someone has died, show a bit of respect. some people deal with life in different ways but it doesn’t mean you deserve to die. how on earth can any of you fucktards understand the pressure on her life that got her into the situation she was in.

  • ffeJ

    Only fucktards use the word fucktard.

  • http://facebook johnny.wallace

    Who realy gives a shit self distruct if you ask me. I dont care if I never hear another one of her songs in my life…..

  • vkLeXeR

    Hm, crack isn't that mysterious

  • joo

    Ah shit. . Where is bobby ?

  • G-Fresh

    Read so many comments of people ranting about her addiction, others defending her as a music icon. Truth is, most you simply didn't care about her or her music.
    For those who are happy with the death of a crackwhore and say her music was shit : who do you listen to? Rihanna? Katy Perry? Really? Really? Now I understand better why you think her music was bad and she didn't have any talent. Based on your music tastes, a musician's talent is probably based on how close she comes as dressing up as a slut and how well she can "shake dat ass". You ain't nothing but some record industry pawns.
    For those who defend her above all : if she became a drug addict, she can only blame on herself and her entourage. Her for not being strong enough for living up to her dreams of being a famous singer, and her family and friends for not supporting her when she needed them the most.
    She did make good music back on her glory days, but she prefered to give it all up for drugs.
    So, I don't feel pitty or sad for her or anyone close to her. It's the price to pay for making poor choices.
    I just don't care.

    • dirtysteve99

      'It's the price to pay for making poor choices. '
      Yup, like being born as her daughter, what kind of bonehead decision was that?

      • fred

        yep, she should have aborted herself like a good socialist

        • dirtysteve99

          Whitney Houston lived the capitalist dream, with no limits!

    • Stevie Jay

      You cared enough to post…

  • Dicki Roberts

    News update:crack sales down 30%

  • Anonymous

    Why does everyone keep going on about her taking crack. let it go the woman has died. be it her own fault or not she has still got friends and family that she meant something to. none of us are perfect and i bet most of the people slagging her off have taken drugs in their life so let it go. When someone dies and all you’ve got to say is nasty things i think you should look at your own life, if you think death is a time to come out with these comments then shame on you.

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