Whitney Houston dies at age 48

Yes, I cried during The Bodyguard. She may have had a run of bad decisions, but she was a talented singer and it's sad to her go. Learn more about the mysterious death of pop singer, Whitney Houston at TMZ.com

  • dirtysteve99

    I get that people don't feel that they should feel sad for someone they didn't know, and that sometimes public grieving can seem a bit false and overwrought, but the people rushing in with nasty jokes don't come across as the social rebels they think they are.
    I'm also surprised to see the lashing out at fellow Chivers here.

  • Stephen Wilson

    Uhhh….wow. Woke up this morning with the intent of looking up some funny pick me ups and then this. It’s been amusing watching her on the news over the years but I can’t say I’m sad to see her go. She had a gift and she wasted it–damn shame. Oh well, KKCO.

  • Commander

    Boo fckin Hoo, at least it wasn't someone important. Only sheeple care about celebrity deaths Chive. Don't bother us with death again unless it's Bill Fucking Murray

  • Dans

    RIP…my condolences to family and her children…

  • Parallendicular

    Never could stand to listen to her music for an extended period of time. Plus, the only time I've ever been aware of her is when she's been in trouble for her cocaine use. I'm not going to be a hater, but I will say that she's probably better off dead. The cops are less likely to care about what you're doing with yourself, at that point.

    • preme

      You ignorant fool she’s dead and you post something like that.Maybe ya problem is your ass is some racist pilgrim,be happy I don’t know ya punk ass

      • Parallendicular

        Dude, really? Not liking the music from one black person automatically makes me racist?

        I'd really love to meet you, just so I can prove to you how wrong your assumptions are. (or, so I can just whale on you when you try to beat me up for no good reason)

    • Mike Ock

      Fuck you, what kind of a horrible thing to say was that? She was the best singer of our time. It’s not like she was Michael Jackson. She had a drug problem asshole.

      • Parallendicular

        Yeah, and having a drug problem isn't anything that can be controlled or prevented, like cancer or birth defects. Good God, you are stupid!

  • Femanon

    It's Ironic you have her picture directly under the "So You Got Wasted" thread.

  • Tim

    "…a talented singer and it’s sad to her go."

    Leo… do you guys proof-read?

  • Bing

    Nothing mysterious about it… Crack is whack.

  • Joe mama

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug

  • Steve

    Whitney dies, everyone is shocked and sad, but when an American Service Member dies fighting for this country their funerals get protested. No sympathy for a cracked out singer. Wake up America!

  • Greg

    To honor Whitney Houston's passing, I watched The Bodyguard on Netflix. But Netflix doesn't have the Houston/Costner film. It has an Asian action flick by the same name. It features lots of shooting, slo-mo shots, and signature Thai humor, which apparently includes a homeless man squirting a watergun into a naked guy's crack. #Ripwhitney #crackiswhack

  • Jim Morrison

    Just saw Whitney walk by….

  • Anonymous

    At least when MJ died the young boys were safe again.

  • berrybuddy

    i'm deeply saddened by whitney's passing..that being said all the chive is racists posts are getting pretty annoying. there are people who genuinely don't care she's dead or feel in some way she deserves it and that's fine. honestly is someone like willie nelson passed away i would be indifferent while others touched by his music would. let it go chivers!

  • Anonymous

    Service men kill people that doesn’t make you a hero in my eyes.

    • keith

      That’s because your an idiot. Go finger your asshole looser.

  • Laurie

    Heaven just added another awesome voice to their choir. 99 out of 100 of you on here hating on Whitney don't have a shred of talent at anything, except maybe video games, and what good does that do anybody? Can any of you say that you provided the soundtrack for the 80s, regardless of what your lives became after that? Is anything that you've done internationally known, decades after you did it? Even with her problems, she achieved more than most of us ever will. Shame on you, let Whitney rest in peace!

    • rsjem1979

      No, but I can say I've never smoked crack and I woke up this morning. So I think I'm ahead.

      • 34098

        *yawn* give it a rest. it hasn't even been a day and the "hurr durr durr she smoked teh crack" is already old.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a big fat bust. I bet Bobby is doing some lines right about now. Who cares!!

  • J

    Whether you liked her or not, she died. It shouldnt matter who it was. Have a little respect fellow chivers.

    Chive On!

  • Great Guy not racist


  • Saxondale

    I lost all respect and sympathy for this woman when she started smuggling the drugs she was taking. When you start smuggling that shit, you're no better than a pusher in my opinion. I dare say she caused more hurt and pain to families than she caused joy through her singing.

  • EyeofRa

    I wish everyone wasn’t taking jabs at each other. That’s obviously not how this post was intended. Whitney was a beautiful Singer with some unfortunate problems. I Wanna Dance With Somebody is still one of my favorite feel good songs and even though she’s gone, that vinyl will still lift me up when I need it. Regardless of addiction and bad press, that’s what music should do. That’s what its about.

  • Anonymous

    All these stupid comments just prove what a joke the chive has become.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it funny how when someone dies all there struggles are turned into something they had “no control over”? She was a junkie! SHE chose to do drugs. SHE chose to waist her talent. SHE made all of these decisions on her own. She made millions of dollars and put it all up her nose. It’s sad, but not surprising. The way they honor these cracked celebrities when they die is rediculous. Like they are some kinda saint. They’re junkies that waisted there talent. Who’s ready for the DAR?!

  • FUWHuston

    she will be missed?

    by who her drug dealers..????

  • Shawn

    Won’t be missed just like micheal Jackson

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