Whitney Houston dies at age 48

Yes, I cried during The Bodyguard. She may have had a run of bad decisions, but she was a talented singer and it's sad to her go. Learn more about the mysterious death of pop singer, Whitney Houston at TMZ.com

  • Crazy tv Lenny

    American psyco ( book) has a whole chapter about her! And I think she still owns the record for most#1s from an album. her 1st one. Drugs kill

  • NickM

    Thank God Kevin Costner wasnt there to save her this time. Another pimple on the ass of humanity got splattered all over the bathroom mirror. Tragic is the death of a baby. Not some coked up has been.

  • Joe

    See, they post black girls on chive so stop bitching! Haha ugly animals.

  • Anonymous

    Nickm what have you done with your life. i bet you still live with mummy and daddy.

    • NickM

      After the death of my 3 month old son, I started my own charity for Childrens Hospital. Also work 15 hours a week giving suicide prevention presentations at area schools. Need the websites?

  • Deuce

    “Cocaine is a hell of a drug” – Rick James

  • Saveferris

    BREAKING NEWS: Bobby Brown alive at age 43

  • dontbelieveeverlast

    could filled my bookies slip. nice one

  • Anon

    I’ll take a vodka on the “rocks”

  • Someone

    All the racist and the people who said she was an addict stfu , b/c everyone makes mistakes & she just had a hard time. So worry about yourself dumb ass people. She was a wonderful performer rest in peace.

    • Saxondale

      How is racist stating the fact that she was a drug addict and smuggler? You fucking moron!

  • T

    Since I heard the news, I have been thinking alot about it. And I have come to a conclusion; I could not possibly careless about anything else.

  • cocales

    R.I.P Whitney Houston

  • jax

    Just because she was a crack addict doesnt make her a bad person. She was a great singer and sad that her teenage daughter is left behind. Hopefully she wont follow in her moms footsteps with drugs.

  • poopstainsonyourmom

    One less crackhead in the world. Like Michael Jackson, she died several years before the report of her death.

  • FunknastyFOX

    Who the Hell is going to do all of this cocaine with me now?

  • moneyshot

    She’s not dead, she’s just chillin with biggy and 2pac.

  • bodykarmabella

    May her soul finally find the peace it clearly could not find on earth.

  • Kingofallsarcasm

    She’s going to be missed…..by her drug dealers.

  • http://twitter.com/WB650 @WB650

    I like how ppl on here call her a crackhead when she said herself she never used crack "because she made too much money and that drug is cheap". She WAS addicted to cocaine & weed and still drank alcohol, all 3 I know many of you have done yourselves. Early reports are from a drug OD of pain killers, she was found in the bath tub with her head under water, maybe the pills caused her to lose consciousness and she drowned. We will know soon. Either way it doesn't take away the fact she had talent and made poor decisions like all human beings do. Get off your high horses and have some respect for the deceased.

    • BoB

      because she was a crack head

  • dirtdirty

    On this day in febuary , not a single fuck was given

  • She bit the dust

    There should be a death pool for every drugged out black musician, which seems to be the majority of them. Dumb bimbo put drugs ahead of success so rot in your grave darlin'.

  • FnCKERS!

    Just by reading some of these disgusting comments, & to see mother fnckers actually “like” the SHIT that you bologna smelling bastards are saying shows the amount of evil that, smh….Nevermind. Let me just say that even I feel a little remorse when Amy Winehouse…or Brittany Murphy, or anyone who isn’t out here killing other ppl die b4 there time, why so much disrespect. Pieces of shit…

  • Yesh

    #1 Soooo Hot, Find Her!

    • Tales from the Krypt

      FIND HER!!

      Here is a shovel…

  • T

    Black folks must have low drug tolerance. Look at all the white druggie musicians like Keith Richards and Ozzie. Them fuckers will live forever! Just shows that true rock gods really are immortal.

  • Y not cry for dead soilders?

    Number of fucks given on this topic…. 0

  • Windowlicker

    who cares

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